Using the churn

Not to be confused with the Amos Burton novella. Some clever bastard phrased it as “the sound that a fork makes in the garbage disposal.” And I’m stealing that metaphor, because I’m satisfied to regard my brain as a sort of garbage disposal. I never stop looking for new things to stuff in there via traveling, events, television, music, film, books, crafts, hobbies, games, whatever. And when I get especially hung up on something it’s a catalyst– I’ll binge, obsess, repeat and churn it down to the atomic level, exploring the components, absorbing them, figuring out ways to graft them into my being because I want the things I love to define me.

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

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Jordan Peele’s quirky tip to avoid Failure in Screenwriting

There’s so much going on these days that I find I’m not much into awards shows of late, so I skipped the Oscars last night. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a fancy dress party, but not feeling or spending much energy on the parties I’m not invited to, yeah? But it is still the classiest do for the professional storytelling industry, so congrats to all the hardworking, statue-winning craftsmen out there and I do hope you enjoy your accolades.

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Copy and paste lulz

Here is a screencap from some time way back, but I found it on my hard drive and every time I look at it I chuckle:

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Everybody cut, everybody cut

Location scouting for MERIT BADGES today went pretty well and the trip found some new spots with a lot of potential, so I think we can tally a notch in the ‘Progress’ column. Though it’s more of a stoplight color coding system than just a hash mark tally. But fwiw there’s way more green than red at this point anyway.
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That time the switcher’s crt blew up and vented fumes into the studio.

If there’s one thing that I gained from Cowboy Bebop, it’s the reassurance that my excessive VHS collection will again one day be tangible wealth. Whatchu know about rack mounted VCRs? Shout out to me CLTV cohorts: