Who you’re probably not gonna call.

Who you’re probably not gonna call.

I’m bummed out, man. When there’s potential for futher exploration of something I really, really love, the anticipation and hope can kinda drive me crazy. If it then drags on with well-publicized difficulties and a growing incertitude, maybe I go to a dark place; maybe I try to fix it myself. I don’t know how to further justify this, except to say there was a deep-seated need to exorcise an idea (It’s a pun, yo).

Ghostbusters 3 Synopsis – 6 pages; 74kb PDF

Standard disclaimer, bitches ain’t shit.

One page

Following the example of Pooks, the unknown screenwriter, the spanish prisoner, and Michael, (not necessarily in any order) here’s my One Page, with no explanation…

Selected for the purpose of being insane and technically not written in the last 365 days, or 1095 days for that matter. I am however, willing to post something else if anyone objects. Which of course, they won’t!