Hail good polliwogs! MERIT BADGES now online

Hail good polliwogs! MERIT BADGES now online

After our recent successful film festival screenings, short comedy film MERIT BADGES has finally launched the film online. I’ve been delighted about the response the film has received and was honored to participate in some prolific (sez the over-eager kid who called up Bill Arnold’s office 25 years ago trying to con her way into a PA gig) North Carolina film festivals.

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Official Merit Badges trailer released!

In case you hadn’t heard, Merit Badges is a short film I directed. I think it’s pretty keen. Check out the trailer below:

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We don’t need no stinkin badges…

Well, here I am again, in pre-production. Excited. Terrified. Occupying an emotional tilt that could be likened to the climax of the 1986 film SPACE CAMP— wherein the Space Shuttle Atlantis is low on oxygen, has missed the last safe re-entry window, and is actively de-orbiting whether it has an LZ or not. Perhaps I’m 12-year-old Joaquin Phoenix in this scenario, too enthusiastic and naive to truly appreciate the danger. But it’s happening.

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Getting hyped for a screening of Harbinger from Raleigh independent film peeps Drawbridge Media. Had a great time working with a great bunch of people and making new friends on this project and I really think it’s gonna be something special. And I’ll clue you in on something– keep a look out for some masterful fog machine work, they’re probably going to have to create a whole new VFX Academy Award for the dramatic fog work in this film, no joke. Be sure to check out the website for more info and upcoming screenings:


The agonizing details are done. Screening this weekend.

Well it’s been an interesting journey, but el short film San Souci Showdown is done and about to be tossed to the wolves this Saturday Oct. 22 at Mission Valley, 4PM. Come one, come all and enjoy delicious on tap NC beers at my favorite Raleigh movie-house.

6 days of filming, ~6k budget and some great local talent. I had maybe some impossible expectations, but I’m pretty content with finishing it up. I have learned many things, the most important being (once again)- anytime I think I know maybe a little bit about something, in reality I know nothing. (Yes, Jon Snow, there is no Santa Claus???)

So, learning things is good. Getting your ass handed to you by your own stupidity is necessary. It’s always a desperate quest to get out of my own head and actually put something together. We’ve got a finished product and that’s an accomplishment. There will always be parts I love and parts I hate, but it should manage a few laughs and it looks pretty sharp. I look forward to seeing and hearing some reactions.

A little poster action.

A little poster action.

Working out the final edits on San Souci and getting ready to release it into the wild. Here’s the one sheet I hammered out, a final nod toward the western vibe I tried to push, short of a big gunfight at high noon. Still have a  bit of content to work out for the eponymous website before that goes live and then it’s all presskits and submissions packets until festival season rolls around.

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