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Happy Birthday to teh AWESOME!

To my Mom, Peggy, who may look a little perturbed in this photo, but is nonetheless the most awesome Mom I know. She’s still mostly sane, an amazing artisan and all the things a great Mom should be.


  • nicolle on Oct 14, 2006

    You can pretty much pick up any of the books, they’re not chronologically dependant, but peppered with lots of throwback mentions of previous cases throughout.

    That said, the first one published in 1933- “Fer-de-Lance” is a great story and as good a place to begin as any.

    “Some Buried Caesar” is one of the best, and what I’ve started friends with- and I think the first one I actually read. It’s what got me totally hooked.

    “The Doorbell Rang” is another really fun one with fun context of greater 1950s Americana.

    Those are novel lengths, and there plenty of collections that have three or four shorter cases, that you might be able to find – “Three at Wolfe’s Door” has one of my favorites, but I would pitch the first four there so you get a sense of the characters which makes a lot of Archie character play that much more fun knowing the inside track on them.

    I’m reading “Black Orchids” right now and it’s keeping me in hysterics.

  • pooks on Oct 13, 2006

    I’ve never read Nero Wolfe. Where do I begin?

  • mommy on Oct 13, 2006

    My, thank you for the kind words.

  • nicolle on Oct 13, 2006

    Either you’ve been taken in by my deceptive, yet genius adorable-bikini camoflague or you completely misspelled the word “evil”.

    I’ll have to give the tag some thought this weekend, my answer right now to all the books would be- “Nero Wolfe.” Which I am going to go read right now.

  • pooks on Oct 12, 2006

    What a great picture! Are you that darling little girl? You’re so sweeeet!


    Tag, you’re it!