I'm nuts.

Changed my mind. Ignoring the last 90 seconds, The Dark Knight is the best thing ever.


  • nicolle on Jul 19, 2008

    Also– my disconcerting campyness thought actually has nothing to do with the fact I think Heath Ledger somehow perversely channeled the zombie ghost of Caesar Romero to great effect. But for all the rave reviews, that was the vibe I was getting from some of his moments.

  • nicolle on Jul 19, 2008

    Damn, here I am drinking again! I am sober for a substantial portion of the day, mind you…

    But yes, after some scrutiny it is pretty snazzy. Not perfect, but given ‘A Batman (comic book) movie’ it’s doing a lot more than I’d even possibly expected. I’m starting to see some elements in common with LA Confidential. There’s interesting editing and really nice visuals. It is even camp in a few spots, but something that I’m taking now as a weirdly disconcerting campyness.

    Like I said, not perfect, but a lot of meat for a summer blockbuster & so-called super hero flick.

    If all filmmakers & movies ascribe to this model, it could really only improve filmmaking & movie going.

    (No spoilers, but my issues with the last 90 seconds are completely petulant and dismissable. Huh, is that a word? Anyway… for reals)

  • Unk on Jul 19, 2008

    Is it REALLY the best thing ever?


    Better than an IN-N-OUT burger?

    For real?