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One page

Following the example of Pooks, the unknown screenwriter, the spanish prisoner, and Michael, (not necessarily in any order) here’s my One Page, with no explanation…

Selected for the purpose of being insane and technically not written in the last 365 days, or 1095 days for that matter. I am however, willing to post something else if anyone objects. Which of course, they won’t!


  • nicolle on Oct 02, 2006

    Pretty much just this particular moment. The whole script is more of a romcom with some dark little twists. But there is a big payoff with trick vs. reality in a gruesome manner at the climax, so it gets mirrored a few times throughout.

  • Francis Stokes on Oct 02, 2006

    Nice work. Great tension. I’m curious – for the reader, the biggest question is whether or not this is real or a much better magic trick. Is that a mystery in the whole screenplay as well, or just a function of reading one page right out of the middle?

  • m on Sep 30, 2006

    Truly as clowns are meant to be.

    Wear the badge with pride.

    Or, you know…don’t.

  • nicolle on Sep 29, 2006

    Sheesh pooks, if you want to argue logically, sure it’s fake- if the MPAA is asking, it’s fake… but there’s aaalllways the chance…

    This is the protag is a clown script and Stat’s his best friend, and I think at one point I differentiate the two as such: Kelley is Buster Keaton and Statler is Pennywise. He thinks he’s equipping the children with the ability to cope with the horror that is real life in a unique and creative way. Emotional scars are neither here nor there… *grin*

  • pooks on Sep 29, 2006

    Well, the knife is “gimmicked” and “crimson” sprays — not “blood” — which make me think Statler DID have a magic trick to impress the kids, only it impressed the EMTs too much.

    Am I right?

  • nicolle on Sep 29, 2006

    Heh, thanks. The crimson may in fact be blood, there’s no telling with Statler, he is a wonderfully warped individual.

  • UNk on Sep 29, 2006


    Now THAT’S my kinda movie… LOL.

    Good stuff.

    One question… Is CRIMSON really blood?

    Just kidding.


  • nicolle on Sep 29, 2006

    Yeah, Statler is one of my favorite characters who does not have the screenplay he deserves. One of these days I’ll get back to this one.

  • pooks on Sep 29, 2006

    Okay — this is great. My first response was, wow, wonder who this Statler is, who these kids are and what they did/said to make him self-mutliating….

    But going back and rereading it — oh, yeah, NOW I see. LOL. Wonder what is going to happen next?

    And go link to Michael/Red Hand. Go post that you’re in and post your link.