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Simply Scripts posted a link to the Coen’s No Country for Old Men today- thanks much to ‘You know, for Kids’ sharing this as it’s one of my most anticipated flicks right now. Big recommend if you haven’t read the novel- hell, big recommend no matter what. I’ve always found the Coen’s scripts to be exceptionally visual and well-written. Also, I honestly expect Cormac McCarthy + the Coen Bros to be astounding. The fact that I’ve got a history of fandom with both AND Tommy Lee Jones, probably means I’ll be a little less sane after viewing the flick, but I have faith it’ll be worthwhile.

I’m not going to finish Script Frenzy. I might manage the 20,000 words by the end of the month, but it’s not going to be a coherent plot and not something I’d force anyone to read. This doesn’t worry me, I’ve been clocking in a lot of pages and developing a lot of the Braxton Frame story- but I’m working on Gallows Gulch at the same time. I don’t count it as a failure though because SF functioned the way I wanted it to- it got me writing when I’d been really bogged down. If I come out of the Summer with two new draft scripts- which I honestly feel on track for- I’ll be happy.


  • nicolle on Jul 01, 2007

    Also Re: NO COUNTRY- I thought I must have corrupted my copy somehow, but alas.

    I seem to remember thinking that the slug lines were few and far between in the RAISING ARIZONA script once, but yeah in the NO COUNTRY it is to the point of exaggeration. We don’t need no stinkin’ locations! Which actually kinda-maybe emulates how I take the tone of McCarthy. Those Coen Broz, god love ’em, have always struck me as so self assured, knowing exactly the imagery and visuals they want in a picture that the scripts are just functioning as dialogue delivery methods. Barton Fink adjective for adjective encompasses the finished product so well.

  • nicolle on Jun 30, 2007

    Holy cow, zee hair. You know I heard Greaser but I guess I wasn’t quite picturing that much of a Greaser. Hope it goes off well.

    Thanks re: template. It’s pretty much stock from the designer, and I’m usually keen to customize everything, but it’s sharp.

  • Mystery Man on Jun 30, 2007

    One more comment – I just love this new look for the blog. Just beautiful.

    Take care,

  • Mystery Man on Jun 30, 2007

    Hey there! I was also quite excited about the No Country for Old Men script, but some of the pages are missing. And did you notice their crazy minimalist format style? Wow. I was thinking I might blog about it.

    And on a side Indy IV note, did you see the new photos from the New Haven film shoot?

    Shia’s hair… oy vey…


    Hope you’re well.