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There's glitter on my fingers.

Been across the country and back since the last post, had a birthday and then sports, people, serious. As a rule NHL Hockey and Major League Baseball are the only two sports I make an effort to stay current on, but in December it’s hard not to catch a slight Football Fever or occasional Basketball Cold Sore. By January I am usually into the NFL playoffs (although my loyalty is a random, logic-less whore) and this year it’s no different. This past weekend particularly was full of some sexy athletic action. Action I would like to share with you here and now, on my pointless little blog:

For this reason alone, I will be pulling for the NY Giants. Sorry about the loss, Pooks, but it’s all about the Carl-man.

No Boston, NO! bad puppy!

Seriously, Boston. You look like a bunch of tools.

As ad-campaigns go, this is one step up from putting movie posters up on construction sites. I personally made a few throwies myself out of leftover crap from my electronics class in college and tossed them around the coffee shop I like to go to. So all Boston gets is my scorn and derision. And in case there’s any doubt in your mind, if you have a moment, just look at the devices in question and how they were installed. I think I’m totally going to got out and get the components and make one of these now.