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Aunt May is evil

Now DC needs to stop messing with my head by putting the heat on Harvey Dent (formally Two-Face), in the Bat arc that’s going down right now. I’m excited about One Year Later, but I reeaally wanted to see Harv protecting Gotham as he promised when Batman went off on his cruise or whatever. 52 promises to be fun, and The Question is supposed to have a lot of action in Gotham, so I REALLY hope they just don’t ignore Harv when they do this arc. I mean you heal a supervillian like Two-Face, then you definitely have to follow up by showing us what he’s been UP to the whole time. Also very interested in Spectre now because of poor Crispus Allen of the GCPD. I have a soft spot for all GCPD. Meanwhile, I’m not really keeping up with Marvel, but I’ve been informed Aunt May will soon be dating another supervillian possibly. Aunt May is totally evil.

Likewise the month of May seems to be perpetually evil. For the last few years running, May has had way too much crap going on, deadlines, weddings, etc. It needs to stop. This morning my car was rammed by someone backing out of a parking space as I was heading to work. I was too bleary-eyed to be coherent, but sufficied to say, this is not how I like to start my day. There isn’t too much damage though, and I haven’t burst into flames yet, so it could be worse.

I have started chanting the mantra- “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.” and I can’t remember which fictional character I’ve stolen this from. I’m pretty damn sure it is from a movie or tv show somewhere, because there is no such thing as an original thought in this gord of mine, but I haven’t a clue where. So if you know, please remind me.

The Canes are rocking. Eric Staal man. The skating BBQ sandwich annoys me and yet makes me very hungry. And they don’t even SERVE BBQ at the RBC. Which they totally should, especially for the out of state folks who come in for the games. Otherwise the point of having that damn pig for a mascot is totally stupid.
I want to take a moment to say Betsy Kelly is the greatest hoor ever. I love that girl. I got a package out of nowhere with some keen swag including a Pirates of the Carribbean 2 one sheet. Very thoughtful, and she is the awesome.

HOUSE was very dashing and evil last night, but I still think things are playing a little tame as we lead up to season finale. Also according to Pooks I owe Stephen Fry an apology, as I slighted him in some alternate universe. I love you Stephen, and I am so terribly, horribly sorry. Your servant, Nicolle.

The Cubs fall to 5th in the Central with 8 LOSSES IN A ROW. *sigh* I have clearly done something more horrible than anger imaginary!Stephen Fry. I suspect nothing less than blood sacrifice will rectify things.

Also Don Bellasario is being evil again. NCIS promises someone ELSE won’t be coming back next season, and I’m gonna be totally pissed, as I was last year. I am dead serious. This cast is the ensemble of all time, I cannot see why you would dismantle it. Thought the same thing with when Kate bit the dust, but Ziva ended up being a fantastic addition. I’ve been watching a lot of the season 1 & 2 episodes lately and it just reminds me that I’m still not happy. I still totally love Kate. Which is, I guess a pretty damned brilliant stroke. But it’s a huge risk and that’s what ALWAYS gets me about NCIS- The show just continues to take these crazy chances, buck the formulas. It’s what I wish CSI had done. CSI was great through the first 3 or 4 seasons, but things settled down, they weren’t pushing the characters enough, they’d throw out some drama or crisis, and things would go back to normal after the arc had run it’s course. So when more character stuff came down the pipe it just ended up being flat. And just now CSI is killing off one of their own? I mean this is the show that LAUNCHED by killing one of the CSI- not many folks remember that, but axing Brass, not even a proper main character, isn’t enough. That’s the thing with CSI (Vegas) the only real deaths we get end up being cases. The NCIS crew wastes no time, they pull no punches, they do it and just never look back. It makes for really taut character lines, and the thing is, all the time isn’t being spent on character development (but you still get it), they have great episodes with very neat angles. It’s one of the best shows out there.
Also one of the best shows out there Doctor Who Totally rocks my sox. David Tennant is slowly winning me over. This weekend we get Cybermen!

Oh and to whoever commented about Avs-Canes in the final, I will so totally take some of that action. (I expect it was Will, but who knows)

Keeping at it

Jeez, blog, you need to update yourself. So I’ve been plowing along on Nickel and Dime, it has to go in the mail Monday morning, and I’ve reached equilibrium on the draft that’ll be going out. Just a few tweaks on spelling etc tonight, and I’ll hit up Kinko’s tomorrow and that’ll be it. I’m going to throw in on Austin this year too, just to keep things increasing every year, as some sort of delusion toward progress, whatever.
So now what? Well I probably get started on implementing the ACTUAL rewrite that I had plotted out for N&D, maybe retackle that Laugh Dance rewrite, since it’s so nicely still on the sidebar here, and it’s similar genre for N&D so I have two of that in somewhat decent shape before I move on to something else. Brain though has been giving me some feedback, with a few ideeeas, not that I guess I’m ever at a shortage for that, it’s just being geared for one particular idea at any given moment. That’s about all I got going on in the profession front right now.
Other stuff wise, weather has been nice. The Cubs are killing me, the Canes are killing me, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Situation with the Cubs, man, got dire last was when superstar Lee goes out with a broken hand, and with Kerry Wood and Mark Prior still not healthy, I mean, hell, they slide to 4th in the Central. Coupla guys stepping up, and they’re 2 games behind, but April is ending, they need to shape up. Another baseball bit, I’m annoyed Griffey Jr. is STILL on the DL. If he was healthy I’d have another team to pull for. As it is, the METS, the NY METS are on FIRE. 6 wins up on Atlanta. BWAHAHAHA! I’m sorry Braves-fans, but Atlanta is like the bizarro-Yankees and I still can’t quite pull for them with a good conscious. (I still have playoff grudges from back a few years). So my team prospect of the year is the Mets, since Bonds have given cancer to the Giants. It’ll take a while before I can feel okay about calling the SF Giants one of my franchises. (But I’ll still totally say I’m a NY GIANTS fan. Coz I am! Which = like the Mets obviously.)
Canes, jeez they tie up the series 2-2 last night in a good game. Cam Ward is doing well, but he gets the kid treatment a little, not that that bothers me, starting in playoffs at 22 years old, that’s pretty heafty stuff. I’d like to see it finish in 6, but I expect 7, with a Canes win of course. Also- STAAL. We have a nice roster, and they SHOULD do well. But after the season ending losing streak, well go fig.
TV- House excellent, excellent, excellent. Doris Egan and crew just punch my buttons so effectively. House vs. God was well written, everyone was in top form, and they threw in some really nice Wilson-story. Almost feels like they’re priming something, and yeah, okay I read the spoilers, but I didn’t come across my theory, although given my insanity, it’s unlikely I would. Anyway, sweeps is going to kill me if nothing else. Advise fans to stay tuned in. Other favorite Tuesday shows: poor poor Scrubs gets ignored on broadcast night, but I d/l! JANITOR! Love! NCIS has been consistantly strong all season. Man, I think back to last year, and Kate gone, but they have done a GREAT job with Ziva’s character, the cast is fun, the really seem to enjoy working together, I love Sean Murray, hell all of them, but I’ll give Sean the shout cause he doesn’t seem to have the crazy fans in spades- so there you go, Sean, you’re very own insane fan! Pay no attention to that person in your garbage…
Okay done babbling for the now, need to hack back at it. Here are some fun YTMNDs for you courtesy IRC- Grand Prix Butt racing ( and Giraffes have one weakness… ( Enjoy!