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NC film industry forum recap

What what. Attended TriFilm Society’s forum on the state of the North Carolina Film Industry last night at the Cary Theatre and it turned out to be a nice event for local creatives to voice and discuss a mixed bag of challenges one faces in today’s evolving landscape of filmmaking. My instinct at these sorts of things is always to listen and consider rather than speak up because– well, for one I get nigh incoherent when mouth-breathing in ye olde English werds, much less in front of a crowd, and better still– there are smarter people than me in the room. But I did have a few thoughts that sprung from the discussion, and figured to present them here for comment or derision.

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The agonizing details are done. Screening this weekend.

Well it’s been an interesting journey, but el short film San Souci Showdown is done and about to be tossed to the wolves this Saturday Oct. 22 at Mission Valley, 4PM. Come one, come all and enjoy delicious on tap NC beers at my favorite Raleigh movie-house.

6 days of filming, ~6k budget and some great local talent. I had maybe some impossible expectations, but I’m pretty content with finishing it up. I have learned many things, the most important being (once again)- anytime I think I know maybe a little bit about something, in reality I know nothing. (Yes, Jon Snow, there is no Santa Claus???)

So, learning things is good. Getting your ass handed to you by your own stupidity is necessary. It’s always a desperate quest to get out of my own head and actually put something together. We’ve got a finished product and that’s an accomplishment. There will always be parts I love and parts I hate, but it should manage a few laughs and it looks pretty sharp. I look forward to seeing and hearing some reactions.

Coen Brothers: Where and How to Begin a Film?

Courtesy of r/screenwriting we have a terrific hour-long career-spanning discussion of the Coen Brother’s work, moderated by Noah Baumbauch. Absorb the genius, friendo.

San Souci Production Blog #7

Blood, guns and violent fun. At least 50% of the reason for this project, right? Our second weekend of filming was packed with technical setups so it made for long days, but everyone seemed to have fun. Enjoy a whole slew of bts snaps below. Also, production protip for the weekend: When firing blanks and squibs indoors, bring plenty of earplugs.

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San Souci Production blog #4, 5 & 6

Myriad of reasons I didn’t get posted, mainly because I misplaced the camera. Anyway, following up on the weekend shooting:

#4 – Way tired Sunday, most of the day spent inside the “freezer”. L to R: James playing dead, Mike, Miles, Rob and Sasha’s just out of frame.

#5- Parking deck crafty.

#6 – Bogart’s is in fact, a mob hangout. Betcha didn’t know. R to L: John, Cory, Dave and bossman Clint.

San Souci Production blog #3

And we’re underway. Here’s a quick look at day one – Sasha, Miles, Ray, yours truly. Lea Funeral Home has been amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location.

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