2019 Stock Taking

Every year one of the terrific peeps in one of my writing workshops makes an ambitious list of writing commitments and I’m always compelled to pitch in with my own, but as soon as I start typing it up, just the idea of making resolutions crystallized into a dense, sharp pit of anxiety in my gut. Because obviously, if I don’t tick all those goals by the end of the year, then, of course, I’m an utter failure who has wasted everyone’s time.

But 2019 is looking to be pretty busy with lots of travel, lots of networking and I think I’m gonna have to be a bit more proactive about time and goal management. And since I can’t think of a more non-committal step toward proactivity than undertaking a perfunctory blog list of resolutions, I thought I’d throw down few loose items of ‘Things I’d like to accomplish this year:’

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