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Mad Science Mentor Part 2: Rocket Science

Mad Science Mentor Part 2: Rocket Science

April got away from me, but how about that post-season hockey, huh? For the record, I just want to add that I loathe everything Boston in professional sporting and I think the NHL’s officiating has been royal garbage, but I am holding out hope the Canes come back to Raleigh and skate like bona fide bandits tonight.

In other current events, we had the big world premiere screening of my film MERIT BADGES this past weekend at the Longleaf Film Festival and I’m delighted to say the turnout and response was pretty terrific. It only took about three years to get this thing underway and finished, but hey we finally got there! Endless thanks and appreciation to everyone who came out for the show and to those who supported the project from soup to nuts.

Now for another entry in the Legend of Harry Caldwell:

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I hate this little peanut man.

Can’t believe that Thanksgiving is mere days away. I have too much to finish before the end of the year, and let’s not get started on Christmas presents. This time of year in Raleigh is kinda charming because it’s less crowded and I feel like I have the place to myself. The Christmas parade Saturday didn’t even wake me up, which is an issue on weekends living street-level downtown when you stay up until 4AM taking machetes to Chargers and Smokers.

Majority of casting for San Souci is done and now I get to wrangle scripts and rehearsal spaces and squib counts and other minutia until Janurary, which will then hopefully pass in a relatively pain-free blur. The locations have worked out pretty well thanks to Bogart’s and Hi5 but the Funeral Home where most of the action goes down is still somewhat tenuous, so I’m stressing more over that than anything else. Also, you can apparently rent caskets, which is news to me. But if anyone has a casket lying around that they’d be willing to lend us, shoot me an email.

Writing-wise I continue to grind. I’ve got two new scripts I’m eying for Austin/Nicholl next year, that I’m struggling to get into some sort of shape for workshop. I do myself absolutely no favors by being neurotic on each draft I know, so someone kick me in the head please.

Finally, since the Hurricanes are doing their best to emulate my other favorite franchise, the Cubs, Mom and I will be heading to VA to catch some AHL Hockey with the Albany River Rats. With the way things have been going, in all likelyhood many of the Rats may be in Raleigh at the time, so I guess we’ll be watching high schoolers or something.

Game 6!?

Well, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but tomorrow night will be Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For the sake of my sanity let’s hope it ends there. The Canes have their work cut out for them, they’re going to have to capitalize on the penalties, and keep the pace. And bring the PAIN already! If Doug weight doesn’t play I’m going to be terribly sad. Aaron Ward looked all right by third period, not completely back, but after that late hit on Staal, forget it. Hurt them. Going to hit the RBC tomorrow for the game, expect I shall have no voice on Monday.
Meanwhile I went to San Francisco/Fresno with the fam and came back. Pictures forthcoming. Interesting note- there was a earthquake there on Wednesday, only about a day and a half since I had left there, and my thought was- ‘Ha-ha! You missed me!’ and then last night there was an earthquake in NC! So I’ve obviously pissed someone off. Let’s hope all karmic retribution falls on my shoulders in the form of hives or a pox or something instead of a Game 7.

holding my breath


….That is all! *stabs everyone in the vicinity!*

Aunt May is evil

Now DC needs to stop messing with my head by putting the heat on Harvey Dent (formally Two-Face), in the Bat arc that’s going down right now. I’m excited about One Year Later, but I reeaally wanted to see Harv protecting Gotham as he promised when Batman went off on his cruise or whatever. 52 promises to be fun, and The Question is supposed to have a lot of action in Gotham, so I REALLY hope they just don’t ignore Harv when they do this arc. I mean you heal a supervillian like Two-Face, then you definitely have to follow up by showing us what he’s been UP to the whole time. Also very interested in Spectre now because of poor Crispus Allen of the GCPD. I have a soft spot for all GCPD. Meanwhile, I’m not really keeping up with Marvel, but I’ve been informed Aunt May will soon be dating another supervillian possibly. Aunt May is totally evil.

Likewise the month of May seems to be perpetually evil. For the last few years running, May has had way too much crap going on, deadlines, weddings, etc. It needs to stop. This morning my car was rammed by someone backing out of a parking space as I was heading to work. I was too bleary-eyed to be coherent, but sufficied to say, this is not how I like to start my day. There isn’t too much damage though, and I haven’t burst into flames yet, so it could be worse.

I have started chanting the mantra- “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.” and I can’t remember which fictional character I’ve stolen this from. I’m pretty damn sure it is from a movie or tv show somewhere, because there is no such thing as an original thought in this gord of mine, but I haven’t a clue where. So if you know, please remind me.

The Canes are rocking. Eric Staal man. The skating BBQ sandwich annoys me and yet makes me very hungry. And they don’t even SERVE BBQ at the RBC. Which they totally should, especially for the out of state folks who come in for the games. Otherwise the point of having that damn pig for a mascot is totally stupid.
I want to take a moment to say Betsy Kelly is the greatest hoor ever. I love that girl. I got a package out of nowhere with some keen swag including a Pirates of the Carribbean 2 one sheet. Very thoughtful, and she is the awesome.

HOUSE was very dashing and evil last night, but I still think things are playing a little tame as we lead up to season finale. Also according to Pooks I owe Stephen Fry an apology, as I slighted him in some alternate universe. I love you Stephen, and I am so terribly, horribly sorry. Your servant, Nicolle.

The Cubs fall to 5th in the Central with 8 LOSSES IN A ROW. *sigh* I have clearly done something more horrible than anger imaginary!Stephen Fry. I suspect nothing less than blood sacrifice will rectify things.

Also Don Bellasario is being evil again. NCIS promises someone ELSE won’t be coming back next season, and I’m gonna be totally pissed, as I was last year. I am dead serious. This cast is the ensemble of all time, I cannot see why you would dismantle it. Thought the same thing with when Kate bit the dust, but Ziva ended up being a fantastic addition. I’ve been watching a lot of the season 1 & 2 episodes lately and it just reminds me that I’m still not happy. I still totally love Kate. Which is, I guess a pretty damned brilliant stroke. But it’s a huge risk and that’s what ALWAYS gets me about NCIS- The show just continues to take these crazy chances, buck the formulas. It’s what I wish CSI had done. CSI was great through the first 3 or 4 seasons, but things settled down, they weren’t pushing the characters enough, they’d throw out some drama or crisis, and things would go back to normal after the arc had run it’s course. So when more character stuff came down the pipe it just ended up being flat. And just now CSI is killing off one of their own? I mean this is the show that LAUNCHED by killing one of the CSI- not many folks remember that, but axing Brass, not even a proper main character, isn’t enough. That’s the thing with CSI (Vegas) the only real deaths we get end up being cases. The NCIS crew wastes no time, they pull no punches, they do it and just never look back. It makes for really taut character lines, and the thing is, all the time isn’t being spent on character development (but you still get it), they have great episodes with very neat angles. It’s one of the best shows out there.
Also one of the best shows out there Doctor Who Totally rocks my sox. David Tennant is slowly winning me over. This weekend we get Cybermen!

Oh and to whoever commented about Avs-Canes in the final, I will so totally take some of that action. (I expect it was Will, but who knows)