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3 hours of LOST may cause cerebral hemorrhaging.

LOST finale tonight, and since my favorite character, the brilliant and badass John Locke, is finally coming into his own I’m quite excited to see how things play out. There’s been a lot of foreshadowing and these odd beats with Jack and the Oceanic Six stories and after last week, from a pacing perspective, it looks like some of those things may boil over tonight.

Rather out of nowhere (okay, I confess I was intensively searching for it throughout the tubes) I found some info about the comic book MYSTERY TALES #40 that Richard left with kid Locke back in 4×11 ‘Cabin Fever’. A blog in fact dedicated entirely to the subject:

There you can download scans from the book if you’re interested, but what’s really keen about this random piece of set decoration- if you can even call any prop or visual in LOST random- is that the story has some parallels to the wacky Island adventures. Which is why LOST is so great. I love buried stuff like this!

I'm only going to declare this once…

And then it will be out of my system- GOODWIN from LOST = Archie Goodwin goddammit! I haven’t gone to the FUSELAGE since 5-11-2007 and when I posted to try and get this out of Gregg Nations and the bastard held out on me.

But I know. Bastards.

Also Ben fucking with Locke + $ = love!

With much activity, don't forget your towel.

Tomorrow, May 25 is Towel Day and I encourage anyone who stumbles over these words to pull out your favorite towel and carry it around with you where ever you go. Towels, you may or may not be aware of are the Universe’s most dynamic and useful tool! All good froods know exactly where their towel is all at times. I’m planning on buying a new, exceptional towel just for the event!

As it happens I’ll be going to Greenville for my long awaited Pirates of the Carribbean: At Worlds End viewing. Thus far I’ve managed to avoid any major plot spoilers, previews and promos. Which was a feat since I had the script on my computer for the better part of six months, and have had to be on my toes during primetime television. The last couple of days have been trying simply because spoilers leak out everywhere and the word is really getting out. I read a few little non specific blurbs from the reviews, and it seems that aside from the 8.6 the film is sporting over at, reactions are pretty mixed. Not much different from Dead Man’s Chest, which I really liked for the extensive setups, something audiences seemed mixed about. If @WE is the same I expect I’ll love it passionately. I was actually planning on geeking out major for the opening, but time and work got the better of me and all I ended up to show was a scraggly head of hair which hasn’t been trimmed in 8 months and a real pirate sword that I won’t be allowed to take into the theater anyway. But in the interest of not rolling out of a Ren-faire style (and therefor completely abandoning my thin facade of sanity) it may be for the best.

TV- LOST’s finale culminated in a moment of John Locke badassery so I was happy, if not a little whiplashed. I’m still not scraping the numbers off my car window and throwing out my Dharma tees though.  NCIS is getting a little thin. HOUSE remains to be seen.

Other stuff: Script Frenzy will be starting soon and I think I’m building up a good amount of steam for it. Just need a title and over arching theme. The characters are bouncing around in my head, and the plots is niggling here and there- but I’m up for suggestions.  For anything really, food, music, reading. If you’ve got something cool turn me on to it already.

Awake where I usually am not. Also pitching!

Screwed up my sleep sched today so I thought a good use of my time would be to cop to signing up for Script Frenzy. There’s a good chance that if I don’t mention it I’ll wander off and forget about it and honestly blogging doesn’t really hold me that much more accountable, but every fractional bit helps. If anyone else has signed up and wants to add me that might provide further guilting.

That said, for SF I have a new idea I’m going to tackle- in addition to continuing to draft Gallows Gulch and hammering out some honest to god pitch-like-things. I haven’t done any pitch-fests or anything in the past and aside from a lot of reading have no experience in it, so it’s time I got off my ass.

In other pitching news- okay what the hell Chicago? Here I was ready for another year of bitter griping and you jump from last to second I the NL Central. With the Brewers at no. 1 even. It’s awesome, but strange in an apocalyptic kind of way. I’m going to have to check the August sched to see if there’s a good looking matchup on deck, cause I want to get up there this summer.

And before I try and get back to sleep, I have thoughts on LOST for the two folks that read the blog and also enjoy the show, but I’ll save it or the weekend when I’m drunk and incoherent. Well, more incoherent.

Honest to god, Lost

Blogging is slow, but the important writing is getting done, so it hasn’t been a priority. I am planning on participating in the Screenwriting Blog-o-thon so that will be a longer post as soon as I can narrow down my topic. Today however I want to get back into my thoughts on LOST a little, just because they’re finally getting back to my favorite character, John Locke.

BUT FIRST- I want BWAHAHAHA! Cause ARTZT is coming BACK! Dan Roebuck, the coolest dude around, is getting some more time in 3×14 “Exposé” which looks like a flashback-y type episode. The pic here is snagged from the promotional gallery for the episode over at Lost-Media. I really just am too excited about this, because while the main character arcs, crazy ass sonic fences and polar bears are all good and well, Artzt is the coolest. Now all I need is more Goodwin and I can disregard all the tiny disappointments I’ve had lately.

So last week, Locke seemed a little out of touch but last night with his crazieness her really seemed to take onmore of his usual sense of purpose. What’s really interesting in the character is how he’s evolved- first season he’s mysterious and obscure, definitely the mystery mojo man, but always with a sense of drive about him. He knew something. He was zen. Totally why I fell for the character. As we move on into the second season, layers start being pulled away, Locke is more human, approachable- we see him at his weakest moments. Fear. Doubt. Launching us into the third season, where other than finding out he’s down with ganja, he honestly hasn’t gotten a lot of time. In the odd moments he does show up after the hiatus, he’s alternated between mystic and silly. This has really bugged me, but last week he blows up ANOTHER Dharma station and this week, it takes a serious turn toward the dark side.

Locke is up to something.

Now before Patchy McRussian shuffled off he sort of directly threatened Locke by way of the secret, and Locke went all insulty by expression his love of man’s best friend and scrambling Patchy’s brains. Which was surely innocent enough at the time, but oh yeah “You never know when a little C-4 will come in handy!” John you crazy bastard, you.

And it occurs to me Locke looks an awful like Lex Luthor.

amusing myself

Was doing my taxes and going through old emails to see what I bought online last year that needed state taxes deducted and found some old old old drafts of the script that I am still diligently working on. Allowed myself a few minutes to read, get lost in what was as compared to what is and stumbled across a line that made me laugh out loud:

Are you the Cancer fairy? Fluttering about, to distribute lung, brain and testicular cancer to all those that oppose you?

Which is, sadly, not in the current draft. But it makes me laugh. Got to work this back into something.

A brief bit of televisioness- LOST is back, but my enthusiasm isn’t quite back to the level it was previously, so it may take a few more episodes to get me back into the blogging and theorizing. Although I will take the time to reaffirm that Benry is still most awesome. 30 Rock otoh might also spring up cause I’m really enjoying it.