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I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead (You Rascal, You)

“I’m gonna kill you just for fun, you rascal you.”


So, I will often get fixated on Louis Jordan. Like, I want to defy the laws of physics and violate spacetime to somehow live in dude’s sax case. There is so much world and sublime texture in his recordings that I can’t even hyperbole hard enough: I want to go to there.

Then there’s Louis Jordan with Louis Armstrong on “I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead (You Rascal, You)”


Jesus god, I pity the heathens that don’t get this track into their lives. It seems impossible that I hadn’t come across it until now. No joke, it will enrich your entire existence. Ricki Riccardi drops some great context on the collaboration and provides Jordan’s recollections of the recording. Great story behind a great record. Get it.

Jeez, August already?

Been a spell. Job interviews continue. Too much time spent on Facebook. Grasp of complete sentence structure slowly returning. Disclaimer: general opinions on music to follow. My tastes are questionable!

I can’t guiltlessly maintain my usual deluded arrogance when it comes to music because it’s hard to figure out why it is that I like something. Sometimes I can be hypnotized by repetition and white noise. Sometimes I’ve got this desperate need for a breathy, violent pipe organ. Sometimes 11 isn’t loud enough.

And then, you know other days I can listen to some ABBA. So clearly, to any questions of my aesthetics, musical or otherwise, there’s no real accounting for taste.

Things like box office returns, tv ratings and music charts go a long way toward empirical proof of that axiom. I mean seriously, Criminal Minds? Really?! And sure, it’s a stretch, and in all probability I suck, but I gotta say it sort of takes the edge off of dinking once again on first round of the Nicholl competition.

But back to music… This last week I’ve gotten into some new groups I’m liking cranked the fuck up.

Frightened Rabbit – Punchy Scottish group. Big, kinetic sound. Sour, smirking lyrics from the track “Keep Yourself Warm“:

I’m drunk, I’m drunk
And you’re probably on pills
If we’ve both got the same diseases
It’s irrelevant girl
And the room fills with steam
Oh, evaporates disappears
My point of entry is the same way
That I leave

Which now seems perfect for the HOUSE soundtrack if House & Cuddy were to hook up. I mean that’s where we’re going next season anyway, right? Meanwhile, why isn’t Matt Frewer in any episodes of EUReKA this season?

Script Frenzy update and others

Busy again with many things, least of all work which has me on the road quite a bit. It’s nice, even though the sun burns us precious. There are a lot of things I like about just being in a car on the road jamming to music… Sidenote: I actually heard Will Smith’s ‘Men In Black’ opus on the radio and had a hard time convincing myself I wasn’t hallucinating. Don’t get me wrong Men In Black is totally a jam, even if it doesn’t get airplay these days and even 1200 miles in a week is a little much for me so I wasn’t sure. In any case if someone somewhere is willing to play it, I may just have to start requesting it and ‘Wild Wild West’ regularly.

Part of the 1200 was a trip to Winston-Salem on Saturday to see Bloc Party who totally rocked out. Moreso than Will Smith in the MIB track. Great show from a great group and if you’re looking for music I can’t recommend ‘A Weekend in the City‘ enough. I apologize to the grads at School of the Arts if you found a mess back near the stage door, between watching the Yankees lose (yay) at the Pub and walking to the venue I ran into a little trouble.

On the way to the show with Megan and Jeremy we stopped in Greensboro at Don’s Music something-or-other. For a while lately I’ve really been keen on the idea of getting a nice Telecaster, not necessarily new, but something that might entice me to play guitar a little more. I have two guitars already, but like anything else I get bored easily. Don’s was sorta fortuitous because I ended up seeing something I liked and on the advice of Megan I’m waiting three days to see if the overwhelming impulse to own it wears off. Not certain how successful that’s going to be seeing as I left two rings in the shop (perhaps subconsiously ensuring my return) after trying the sexy sexy Nashvile Tele out.

Anyway, on other fronts Script Frenzy started over the weekend and I dove into my story (also new, sexy and shiny) today. I don’t know what it is about new things, but I really have a compulsive streak in me that latches onto them. Same thing with books or subjects- if I’m reading or learning something and I’ve managed to stall, it’s sometimes impossible not to be seduced off in another direction for the newer, somehow more accessible things. I need more willpower.

Got my Nicholl email confirming my script was entry number 729. Nice low number, if nothing else, but not enough to out weigh the thrice damned spelling error I found on page six a while back. Which I’m still mad about because I know for a fact that it came about because I changed and then un-changed the word moments before printing it. Also I’m just making up words now.

Did see Pirates. Nothing that’s stirring up for a big post at the moment, but I’ll see it again so maybe later. Looking forward to a lot this summer and it’s just starting off.

Lastly, Unk’s got a discussion about theme that really beats the band over at theunknownscreenwriter as part of his Transformational Character Arc. I’ve always been particularly keen on forming stories by exploring the depths and potential of character and I think he really makes some strong points about how to approach theme and how it’s kinda intrinsic (or it should be) to character.

Now I’m going to snooze and hopefully dream of my future awesome Telecaster, finishing all my scripts, not just the new shiny ones and possibly even David Tennant because Human Nature & The Family of Blood were the two most awesome Doctor Who episodes EVAH. I mean damn- Spoilers: Suspending bitches in time, in the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy, in chains forged at the heart of a dwarf star and all phantom zone-like in every mirror in existence FOR ALL ETERNITY! No one is that bad ass! *Le sigh*

a short musical interlude

Bit busy in this stretch of two weeks, but legal hilarity has ensued and I’m mostly sane. In the meantime, as I try and get refitted and retuned, I found this fun little medley of songs. Using what probably is the most used I V vi IV chord progression of all time you should recognize a lot of the lyrics. It’s fun! And it’s… well I’ll be honest with you, it’s Journey. Journey should be synonymous with Kryptonite!

drivetime activities

A lot of my best thinking is done in the car on the way home to work. Sometimes I just do music really loud. Classical music is a lot of fun, because it really pulls the stress out of me and really quickly I start to catch myself relaxing. Also, I love the confusion that occurs when you roll up on a stop light blaring Handel’s Messiah or Beethoven’s 5th. People think an action movie’s about to break out.

Sometimes I work on my impressions. I have a tough time keeping the Joisey in my Bugs Bunny. Repetition helps. This is usually punctuated with me cursing at people that don’t know how to drive. Which is most everyone on the Interstate 40 between 4-7PM. So I end up hurling obscenities in Bugs’ voice. My Bugs isn’t really that good, but I persevere. When I’m not cursing them to the black depths of hell, I do my thinking. If I’m in a good mood I bust out my drumsticks which are tucked under the driver’s side shade and I play along with the music. I don’t actually know how to play drums, and any rhythm I may appear to possess is questionable, but tapping out the lines in ‘La Grange’ is pretty therapeutic.

Lately I’ve been trying to work out some dialogue for N&D- which means I end up talking to myself a lot. The conversations weave in and out of spoken and unspoken. I’ll say something in my head and answer out loud. As long as I’m working on a script, I think this is fine, I have an excuse. My experience with writing problems has shown me that if I’m explaining a problem to someone (even if it is my own fictional character) out loud a solution may present itself.

This is all well and good, because there’s a purpose. But I’m still talking to myself. And sometimes… Sometimes I just have conversations. One of these days you may roll up on me having an argument with Bugs about the pronunciation of hasenpfeffer. But you can’t prove a damn thing.