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The voice of a ghost rattling around in my head.

A Biographical Sketch


I was drunk for pretty much every waking moment from the age of thirteen until nineteen, including the irregular Eucharist I was badgered into on behalf of my dead Sainted mother. She was piety incarnate as far as anyone in the neighborhood was concerned, which is where I stayed mostly because wandering too far usually resulted in a split lip, busted nose and bruised knuckles. I guess the wandering didn’t account for it as much as the drinking, but hangovers never bothered me because there was always another flask on hand.

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Some thoughts on writing process and my love/hate relationship with talking about it.

So I’m not a quiet person. A normal person’s average volume is probs like a 2, 2½ on a my 10-point scale of normal volume. To make another arbitrary comparison, I think I can probably hit like sustained 70-90 dB for three minutes without pausing to breathe if I’m really hyped about a subject. Point being, if you haven’t heard me loud and you plan to pick my brain about something I like or hate, maybe bring earplugs.

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