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San Souci Production blog #4, 5 & 6

Myriad of reasons I didn’t get posted, mainly because I misplaced the camera. Anyway, following up on the weekend shooting:

#4 – Way tired Sunday, most of the day spent inside the “freezer”. L to R: James playing dead, Mike, Miles, Rob and Sasha’s just out of frame.

#5- Parking deck crafty.

#6 – Bogart’s is in fact, a mob hangout. Betcha didn’t know. R to L: John, Cory, Dave and bossman Clint.

San Souci Production blog #3

day 1

Day one – Sasha, Miles, Ray, yours truly.

San Souci Production blog #2


Felt sort of goofy watching these guys throw each other all over the place while Jason gave them instructions on how to properly jack each other up. L to R: Rob, Drew, Jeff, Ben and Jason

San Souci Production blog #1

main location
Meant to start this on Monday, but the schedule is tight and I got too much crap to do. Will try and keep uploading snaps throughout.