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San Souci Production Blog #7

Blood, guns and violent fun. At least 50% of the reason for this project, right? Our second weekend of filming was packed with technical setups so it made for long days, but everyone seemed to have fun. Enjoy a whole slew of bts snaps below. Also, production protip for the weekend: When firing blanks and squibs indoors, bring plenty of earplugs.

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San Souci Production blog #4, 5 & 6

Myriad of reasons I didn’t get posted, mainly because I misplaced the camera. Anyway, following up on the weekend shooting:

#4 – Way tired Sunday, most of the day spent inside the “freezer”. L to R: James playing dead, Mike, Miles, Rob and Sasha’s just out of frame.

#5- Parking deck crafty.

#6 – Bogart’s is in fact, a mob hangout. Betcha didn’t know. R to L: John, Cory, Dave and bossman Clint.

San Souci Production blog #3

And we’re underway. Here’s a quick look at day one – Sasha, Miles, Ray, yours truly. Lea Funeral Home has been amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location.

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San Souci Production blog #2

Stunt prep 101 with Jason Culbreth from Forged Fitness. To be honest, I felt sort of goofy watching these guys throw each other all over the place while Jason gave them instructions on how to properly jack each other up. L to R: Rob, Drew, Jeff, Ben and Jason.

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San Souci Production blog #1


Meant to start this on Monday, but the schedule is tight and I got too much crap to do. Blocking rehearsal tonight on set with our primary cast. Some location snaps below. Will try and keep uploading snaps throughout.

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I hate this little peanut man.

Can’t believe that Thanksgiving is mere days away. I have too much to finish before the end of the year, and let’s not get started on Christmas presents. This time of year in Raleigh is kinda charming because it’s less crowded and I feel like I have the place to myself. The Christmas parade Saturday didn’t even wake me up, which is an issue on weekends living street-level downtown when you stay up until 4AM taking machetes to Chargers and Smokers.

Majority of casting for San Souci is done and now I get to wrangle scripts and rehearsal spaces and squib counts and other minutia until Janurary, which will then hopefully pass in a relatively pain-free blur. The locations have worked out pretty well thanks to Bogart’s and Hi5 but the Funeral Home where most of the action goes down is still somewhat tenuous, so I’m stressing more over that than anything else. Also, you can apparently rent caskets, which is news to me. But if anyone has a casket lying around that they’d be willing to lend us, shoot me an email.

Writing-wise I continue to grind. I’ve got two new scripts I’m eying for Austin/Nicholl next year, that I’m struggling to get into some sort of shape for workshop. I do myself absolutely no favors by being neurotic on each draft I know, so someone kick me in the head please.

Finally, since the Hurricanes are doing their best to emulate my other favorite franchise, the Cubs, Mom and I will be heading to VA to catch some AHL Hockey with the Albany River Rats. With the way things have been going, in all likelyhood many of the Rats may be in Raleigh at the time, so I guess we’ll be watching high schoolers or something.