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I am one of those melodramatic fools.

My ongoing Transliterate crisis

small-acornSo. It’s been a while. I’ve been doing things. Things other than blogging, obviously, and on the whole, generally things other than writing. Maybe I’m getting less verbose, slipping into a coma of non-thinking activities, congealing my brain into mush. I mean, that’s what you do when you age, right? Lovely thought, that.

But then, I do a lot of Twitter and Facebook. Not that there’s much thought or interpretation in those bite-sized chunks of randomness that flow from some narcissistic impulse. The continuing evolution of communication conspires to rob me of all motivation. In the PRO column, they do curb my desire to blog about the various whacked television developments, and since I hardly add much that you can’t find in the 40 million other Interweb television discussions, I’m going with that as a good thing. … Though it needs to be said that LOST is still the bomb, and all you bitches better recognize that John Locke, the zen-master-ninja-pimp of all things, has returned and will be kicking so much ass. Also, I love that Ashes to Ashes is back! Okay, so not entirely curbed…

While it’s been quiet here the short film I was working on is generally done and I hope to have a cut to show off at some point. I hadn’t been planning on entering any of the writing comps this year, just because my brain-lock set in around Febuary and I’ve taken a break from the workshop scene– BUT I got a little nudge and ended up doing a quick re-draft for Nicholl and while waiting for the submission page to come up, I got impatient and entered PAGE, BlueCat and Austin as well. Need to figure out how to make my ADHD work for me more often! if only it’d do the dishes.

Speaking of the non-existing attention-span, I’m bored now and can’t be bothered to figure out how to end this post. Considered a positive outlook- need to work harder- kinda declaration, but meh. I want to write, so I’m gonna just continue trying to hold off the distractions.


It’s way past my bedtime, so how about a good old fashioned conspiracy theory? I was doing some full-bore internet while streaming the debate tonight- keeping up with Fark comments, ebaying, screwing around on Facebook, outlining two plots in google notebook and I stumbled into 10xCSN. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

10xCSN = 10 times  Clear Solar Noon. A moment (November 17th 2008 by one account) when all commerce is going to collapse because Earth’s geomagnetic field is about to banana-go-nuts on our radiation protection from the Sun. The Commie’s are involved of course and some sort of New Age hippies. Then there’s a mention on a site, that is somehow more disturbing than commies AND hippies, called Jones and Pickle (no relation). Satellite charts indeed.

Throw coded crop circles in the mix, spice it up with a dash of this week’s predicted alien invasion and smooth it over with the always popular pyramid angle and you end up with something really special.

The beauty of it is, now I don’t have to worry about all that John Titor/cancelled elections jazz. Figures. I finally get something I’ve written filmed (minuscule though it may be) and the apocalypse sneaks up while I wasn’t looking.

propaganda interlude

A fundamental examination of conventional dramatic & modern cinematic structure:

Written by a 9 year old.

Digital ac- dammit I need more coffee.

Yes, I’m fickle! All right?! You have no right to indict me for that! I did have some thoughts written for the Blog-o-thon and I had full good intentions of posting it, but time, she laughs at me.  I consider it a great victory that I already got my Nicholl and Austin packets mailed, BEFORE May even! And- AND! I’m outlining the new script, so take your superior timely blog updates and shaddup already. (I’m looking at you Unk and your 5 extensive, helpful posts in 6 days).

Speaking of the Unknown Screenwriter, his info about the Google Notebook is spot on- intuitive and excellent for outlining. Even the collabrative potential is kinda rad. I’m taking notes off the old yellow legal and throwing them into a notebook and it’s not even excrutiating or anything. Oh, Googles, you make my internets more than just comics and pr0n.

Speaking of internets, I got a Live Journal crossposter installed, so the old LJ may not be so comatose- although since the blog in general isn’t always crack and amphetamines, I can’t promise anything.

Meanwhile work has come along and forced me to wrap this up. If you’re bored and looking for something to do join and be my friend!