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Recommends, Patreons of note.

Recommends, Patreons of note.

Say, Fall is a busy time of year, isn’t it? Kids back in school, holidays on the horizon, days getting shorter, undead rising from the grave and such. At this point in the year, I find most weekends devoted to football, festivals, and battling the fine-weather-fueled wanderlust. Not to mention diligently trying to hotfoot the short film along and it’s getting there, I promise!

In the meantime, I thought I’d take a minute to curate some recommendations if you’re looking for some new mild obsessions.

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Flash is the new Fringe

It’s been over ten years since I’ve watched CW, curse you, Berlanti & Kreisberg!

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Air-lock my soul.

That moment when binge watching a television show generates an emotional vacuum, you hit the end, and your soul is jettisoned to the hostile, unforgiving void of space.

Never to see the light of day

Sat down Sunday morning to read, watch and review and had a nice chunk of text written up about Anthony Mann’s “The Tin Star” starring Henry Fonda and Anthony Perkins. It’s a cool little western with some good story chops and plenty of cultural context to chew on given the year it came out. Then the damn computer restarted itself and all was lost.

Guess I’ll just have to watch it and blog it up again.

In the meantime, there’s been a list of deviant specs running through my head. A confession of crimes, if you will. This will be the only time I’ll publicly acknowledge them:

    1. Dr. Gregory House and Adrian Monk cross paths at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and they proceed to run amok and solve a decades old medical mystery that turns out to be straight homicide. 50s-era fantasy flashbacks abound.
    2. Det. Louie Provenza and Det. John Munch meet in Las Vegas for hangover hijinks amid a Ocean’s 11-style casino robbery. Special guest appearance: Jim Rockford’s answering machine.
    3. Once Upon a Time: Westeros. I don’t know, just get Robert Carlyle involved with GoT somehow.
    4. The Thick of It/Veep/House of Cards crossover event of the century. After a series of coordinated US and UK terrorists attacks, Malcolm Tucker and newly minted bumbling PM Nicola Murray, face off against Pres. Frank Underwood and VP Selena Meyer. Malcolm and Frank are preoccupied with ripping each other’s throats out in the most public manner possible, while Selena and Nicola commiserate over their storied histories of failure and brownies. Frank manages to main Malcolm resulting in an emergency spleen-ectomy, Malcolm bites Frank’s Sentinel Class Ring finger off. A nuke is launched by accident and millions die.

Banana slugs.

So there’s this show that I really really liked at one point in time. It hit on a unique combination of genres and tone that I found absolutely charming. It’s a few seasons deep now, which is more than I can say for nigh on 50% my favorite television experiences, but I’m hanging in there.

Sitting here, watching this show right now:

“I hate [CHARACTER], I hate [CHARACTER], I hate [CHARACTER], I fucking hate fucking [CHARACTER] and his gratuatous bullshit. I fucking hate [CHARACTER], fucking asshole [CHARACTER] FUCKING fuck. Why can’t they bring [S1 CHARACTER] back. [CHARACTER] has robbed the fucking soul of this show, for the bullshit superficial corporate whores.”

It is not even to the title sequence yet. This show’s story has taken serious departure from my sensibilities. Fucking SEASON 1 CHARACTER, just bring him back, dammit!

But it has it’s moments.

On the other hand, The Man still cancels shit like Better Off Ted, and NASA funding so fuck those fucking fuckers. When is Downton Abbey coming back?

Five-year constants becoming variables ain't the way to keep me grounded.

LOST, I want to start by saying I do love you, but I think it’s time we step back and look at where this relationship is going. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last few years and it’s not really that you or I have changed, it’s just that I need time…

So, I thought it would take a lot more than another ‘reset button’ episode to shake my faith in my favorite television show, but there is this unsettled feeling left in me after last’s night’s season 4 finale. And the looming reminder that there are scant few episodes left to smooth things over.

LOST has always been about the storytelling and characters for me, and even characters I dislike, specifically Jack and Kate, get some intricate facets and backstory to support and expand upon their often insane, selfish actions and I still enjoy watching even though I don’t particularly like these characters. That’s great writing. It’s also something Cuse & Lindelof took the time to emphacize last night in the recap show, that LOST was very much about the characters and their storytelling priorities were to the beloved 815 core survivors and thus have spent the series crafting a meaningful journey for these people.

But that’s just not what I saw. I saw two completely new characters sandwiched into the third act given a power struggle that has apparently dictated most of the crazy stuff we’ve seen. All this really has done is completely undermind the stories of our central characters, making them pawns in this larger conflict.

And that’s just not sitting very well with me at the moment, because it sort of suggests that our Losties could be any smucks that the gods/deities/gate-keepers/whatever Jacob-&-his-rival-are decided to play out their game of backgammon with.

If only Locke were still around, maybe I’d have some faith. Because that was my very favorite thing, that no matter how many times Locke was manipulated and used, he was a man of faith when no one else was, he’d have bad times but eventually return to center, so I always had faith in him. But apparently people who have faith get completely fucked in this show and I was a sap to think otherwise.

So my faith is shaken, I’m feeling manipulated and if I could ask just one thing it’d be to ask Jacob “Is it really going to be alright?” Because I’m lost, you bastards.