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LOST fans be warned, Ben Linus is screwing with American History!

Joseph Hooker & Ben Linus

Pictured above, left: Union Army General Joseph Hooker (approx. 50 years old); right: Ben Linus. I mean come on, you didn’t think he’d join the Confederacy, did you?

Jeez, August already?

Been a spell. Job interviews continue. Too much time spent on Facebook. Grasp of complete sentence structure slowly returning. Disclaimer: general opinions on music to follow. My tastes are questionable!

I can’t guiltlessly maintain my usual deluded arrogance when it comes to music because it’s hard to figure out why it is that I like something. Sometimes I can be hypnotized by repetition and white noise. Sometimes I’ve got this desperate need for a breathy, violent pipe organ. Sometimes 11 isn’t loud enough.

And then, you know other days I can listen to some ABBA. So clearly, to any questions of my aesthetics, musical or otherwise, there’s no real accounting for taste.

Things like box office returns, tv ratings and music charts go a long way toward empirical proof of that axiom. I mean seriously, Criminal Minds? Really?! And sure, it’s a stretch, and in all probability I suck, but I gotta say it sort of takes the edge off of dinking once again on first round of the Nicholl competition.

But back to music… This last week I’ve gotten into some new groups I’m liking cranked the fuck up.

Frightened Rabbit – Punchy Scottish group. Big, kinetic sound. Sour, smirking lyrics from the track “Keep Yourself Warm“:

I’m drunk, I’m drunk
And you’re probably on pills
If we’ve both got the same diseases
It’s irrelevant girl
And the room fills with steam
Oh, evaporates disappears
My point of entry is the same way
That I leave

Which now seems perfect for the HOUSE soundtrack if House & Cuddy were to hook up. I mean that’s where we’re going next season anyway, right? Meanwhile, why isn’t Matt Frewer in any episodes of EUReKA this season?


I hate LOST. Those bastards can burn in hell.

3 hours of LOST may cause cerebral hemorrhaging.

LOST finale tonight, and since my favorite character, the brilliant and badass John Locke, is finally coming into his own I’m quite excited to see how things play out. There’s been a lot of foreshadowing and these odd beats with Jack and the Oceanic Six stories and after last week, from a pacing perspective, it looks like some of those things may boil over tonight.

Rather out of nowhere (okay, I confess I was intensively searching for it throughout the tubes) I found some info about the comic book MYSTERY TALES #40 that Richard left with kid Locke back in 4×11 ‘Cabin Fever’. A blog in fact dedicated entirely to the subject:

There you can download scans from the book if you’re interested, but what’s really keen about this random piece of set decoration- if you can even call any prop or visual in LOST random- is that the story has some parallels to the wacky Island adventures. Which is why LOST is so great. I love buried stuff like this!

Battlestar season finale

May in fact have been the most perfect television show ever. Or rather the last ten minutes just sheerly the most awesome ten minutes in science fiction television OF ALL TIME! Frakkin awesome.

amusing myself

Was doing my taxes and going through old emails to see what I bought online last year that needed state taxes deducted and found some old old old drafts of the script that I am still diligently working on. Allowed myself a few minutes to read, get lost in what was as compared to what is and stumbled across a line that made me laugh out loud:

Are you the Cancer fairy? Fluttering about, to distribute lung, brain and testicular cancer to all those that oppose you?

Which is, sadly, not in the current draft. But it makes me laugh. Got to work this back into something.

A brief bit of televisioness- LOST is back, but my enthusiasm isn’t quite back to the level it was previously, so it may take a few more episodes to get me back into the blogging and theorizing. Although I will take the time to reaffirm that Benry is still most awesome. 30 Rock otoh might also spring up cause I’m really enjoying it.