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I am one of those melodramatic fools.

Bruce Lee and James Coburn’s Backyard Workout

For today’s arbitrary holiday, #JamesCoburnMonday ten minutes of instruction from the best:

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Basic motive? Money.

18-minute interview with Alfred Hitchcock at the National Film Theater:

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Shingeki no Hercules

Warning: this might literally set off an inflammation of any old fixations with James Woods and Matt Frewer that you may have:

Attack on Titan theme is the new Guile’s theme. Almost never not entertaining. But really though, I’d love to have a discussion some time about how Hades became this gem of universal charm to fangirls everywhere in a way I don’t think Disney could have anticipated. Or maybe not since they’ve had over half a century of people fixating in weird ways on their animation. Anyway, my point is that Hades is always awesome and that James Woods should get into the Con scene if he ever needs a few extra bucks.

Coffee Jerks.

Spaghetti time.