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3 hours of LOST may cause cerebral hemorrhaging.

LOST finale tonight, and since my favorite character, the brilliant and badass John Locke, is finally coming into his own I’m quite excited to see how things play out. There’s been a lot of foreshadowing and these odd beats with Jack and the Oceanic Six stories and after last week, from a pacing perspective, it looks like some of those things may boil over tonight.

Rather out of nowhere (okay, I confess I was intensively searching for it throughout the tubes) I found some info about the comic book MYSTERY TALES #40 that Richard left with kid Locke back in 4×11 ‘Cabin Fever’. A blog in fact dedicated entirely to the subject:

There you can download scans from the book if you’re interested, but what’s really keen about this random piece of set decoration- if you can even call any prop or visual in LOST random- is that the story has some parallels to the wacky Island adventures. Which is why LOST is so great. I love buried stuff like this!