Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

ahhhh, zee Patriot Act, how you depress me

Well as uninformed as I am, I did see last night that the good ol’ Patriot Act was up for renewal ( in Congress next week. And while I guess we aren’t in the worst case scenerio for this Civil-Liberties-meets-golf-cleats document, keeping it around four more years sure ain’t going to help things at all. If I gave it much thought in my day to day life, I’m sure my head would explode. Like I can feel it almost, in my mind, every little event, every news report and headline out of Iraq, North Korea, concerning natural resources, global conflict, I see them as these dominos, and the future just kinda streches out in an infinite plane of domino paths, and as each one falls, there’s to potential for the end of it all. Not that all the dominos are bad, but the bad ones that keep falling outweigh the good ones, and hey, it’s basic fucking math 2>1! And people, myself included, are so apathetic, they don’t care, they think if they go to church, and recycle, and stop for people in crosswalks it’s going to turn out okay. As long as they play by the rules, they’ll be okay and I swear that’s the most ignorant assumption to make cause one day, if it’s God you know- he’s going to tell the human race “You just sat around, you didn’t do anything.” And if it’s not then there’s no one to bail us out when it all goes to hell. It’s days like these that I can alllllmost feel my apathy slipping away- where I’m teetering on the brink of becoming psycho-politico activist. Then I just sort of step back, from the whole planet and reality- not unlike most Scientologists- and turn off the news, grab a book or catch a flick, and reestablish the vacuum of my mind. I’m so much happier then. Are my cartoons and comic books escapism? You bet they are, but what the heck are you doing that’s any better?