Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Awake where I usually am not. Also pitching!

Screwed up my sleep sched today so I thought a good use of my time would be to cop to signing up for Script Frenzy. There’s a good chance that if I don’t mention it I’ll wander off and forget about it and honestly blogging doesn’t really hold me that much more accountable, but every fractional bit helps. If anyone else has signed up and wants to add me that might provide further guilting.

That said, for SF I have a new idea I’m going to tackle- in addition to continuing to draft Gallows Gulch and hammering out some honest to god pitch-like-things. I haven’t done any pitch-fests or anything in the past and aside from a lot of reading have no experience in it, so it’s time I got off my ass.

In other pitching news- okay what the hell Chicago? Here I was ready for another year of bitter griping and you jump from last to second I the NL Central. With the Brewers at no. 1 even. It’s awesome, but strange in an apocalyptic kind of way. I’m going to have to check the August sched to see if there’s a good looking matchup on deck, cause I want to get up there this summer.

And before I try and get back to sleep, I have thoughts on LOST for the two folks that read the blog and also enjoy the show, but I’ll save it or the weekend when I’m drunk and incoherent. Well, more incoherent.