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Award season screenwriting goodies

Drew from @cinemasymposium was a total bro and kindly reminded about IndieWire’s collection of free screenplay downloads for this Oscar season. Maybe my personal favorite read of the year was Nightcrawler, which IndieWire doesn’t have listed, but Go Into The Story over at the Black List has you covered if you’re interested. Looking at how that narrative fits together with a more Man Bites Dog style protagonist is always fun. Definitely think it’ll nicely compliment a viewing of Network, which I’m looking forward to at the next Cinema Symposium. Then say you look at how the marketing is constructed around an offering like Nightcrawler? A guaranteed barrel of laugh. And now I’ve just recalled that Gyllenhaal’s character is named Bloom. Huh.

It also got me musing over the sort of new standard practice of publicly releasing PDFs of screenplays during the marketing blitz approaching the Academy’s big night. It’s a weird juxtaposition from times past when major studios hunted down small-time script traders and litigated them to hell and back.

Well, whatever. Reading is obligatory.

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