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Back to the Future Week

Savvy members of the pseudo-scientific community will recall that yesterday, November 5th, marks the annivesary of Doctor Emmett Brown‘s first and second successful tests of his implementation of time travel- the flux capacitor. His assistant Martin McFly arrived in 1955 on November 5th and successfully returned November 12th.

In recognition of this accomplishment, this week is dubbed the official* “Back to the Future” Week.

Celebrations have already commenced:

designmonkey78 says “I believe [I] will celebrate this week by calling all of my friends “Doc,” all of my enemies “Butthead” and describing every situation by saying, “Great Scott!” or “Whoa, this is heavy.” “

You too can participate by wearing anachronistic clothing, using temporally displaced lingo and slang, and showing appreciation for the genius of Huey Lewis!

For your clothing needs, you might purchase a lenticular hat which seem to be so hip with the youth of Hill Valley circa 2015. Or you can solicit Nike to get started early on the production of the sweet ‘McFly’ kicks of the future!

You can even throw some snazzy BTTF-ness into your powerpoints and business reports this week by incorporating the Back to the Future font availble from!

Maybe you need an excuse to wear the Cowboy hat and boots in your closet, or something to justify drinking TAB again, or a legal defense for climbing a tree to spy on your neighbors (not that I’m volunteering to testify, mind you)… In any event, Back to the Future week celebrates all fun things 4th dimensionally!

Some recommended reading for the week:

So pass the word, kick back, try not to kill your own grandfather and relax! If you have any more recommendations be sure to add your comments.

EDIT: Al Cabino, who runs the Nike petition, stopped in to mention the Nike McFly commercial which is up at the Youtubes.

*official in the loosest sense of the word.