Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Birfdays upon birfdays where scripts meet reality.

Another birthday worth mention this week, of my longtime and erstwhile pal. We don’t always get along, but few relationships are without their share of squabbles. In the end I know I’m stuck with him and we’ll always share a common outlook on the world. I mean of course my pet betta – Max:

I moved Max to my work cubical back in April, so he would get a little more attention during the day. His house is a little bit smaller and the h2o needs changing more often, but this week Max is officially a year old! Yay for whimsical screenplay inspired impulse buys. Max is an angry little fish who is prone to doing acrobatics when I feed him or the occassional pirahna impersonation. It cracks me up.

The main story behind Max is that I was working through some character stuff last year and thinking about what sort of pet my protagonist from Nickel & Dime would have, and since Edison is a crazy, germophobic control freak, the fish seemed appropriate. Even better, she names the fish after her antagonist in the script as some sort of warped gag. And then there is the pun of all times – Betta Max the fish. I’m pretty keen on the little guy, and he makes a fun story, since I occassionally drag him along on my travels if they’re going to be a while- just like Bill Murray in “What About Bob” which probably indicates I have more in common with Edison than is advisable.

I have a lot of fun making my scripts a blendy of reality and fiction, but even moreso taking things that were originally fiction and making them reality. And given some of the stuff I write about, the fish is one of the more sane alternatives.

Also, completely unrelated, and perhaps not as commentable is the fact that today is my brothers’ birthday:

Bart and Brett. I can’t be bothered to remember how old they are or anything. Don’t be fooled by their apparent cuteness either. They’re as evil as me. Oddly enough, they’re in Nickel & Dime as well- as the first honest to god real people I’ve used in any script. Which is kinda weird because the folks who have read the pages seemed to be very entertained, but I honest to god am just transcribing them onto the page. (Aside from the whole bank heist thing). It entertains me that they make such good fictional characters.

Hitting the road this afternoon for weekend trip and more birthdays. Weather looks enjoyable, should be fun.