Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

blue cheese is grood! great AND good!

Stealing a second to get my blog on, just to keep the front page dusted, lots to do. My crazy friend Betsy needs a website, so I’m going to set that up for her and hand it off to her. Using Mambo which is friendly and simple if you give it proper attention, and I think it will work out nicely for her. Meanwhile since I’m doing this I’m playing with some ideas for templates for Mary and my Mother since they’re on the to-make-sites-for list as well. Their stuff is a little more complicated because they’re looking to retail, and don’t know nuthin bout no shopping carts. But I’m good at picking things up.
Script-wise I am unable to give myself a break from Nickel & Dime. I guess you’re supposed to take time off, but it’s stuck in my head, and I feel slack. Plus, plus, plus it’s gotta rock. I have to make it rock. Scripts ain’t cheese, they do not get better with age. It’s my experience the quality depreciates with time- that is to say, all my old scripts suck. I’ll be the first to throw the blanket of suck over, well everything I do, but really it’s not because I’m too critical, it’s because it just actually sucks. My reality has some weird black hole-water-light bending physics going on. It’s only good as long as I have enthusiam for it, the second that preposterously short attention-span gets on something else it all belongs in the realm of suck. That’s just the way it works.That said, I’m still pretty enthused about Nickel & Dime, I like the characters and the idea as it exists in my mind, so the revision process is an attempt to get that dreamy delusion to translate on the finished page. This is what I fail miserably at. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Cory and I are doing this thing for this contest with this game- which involves animating/scripting a little movie. The game is ‘The Movies’ and I will wait to convulutedly explain it later, (when I have a new videocard and can take decent screenshots, that is), but it has the potential for teh Funny. We gotta animate it first and then record the dialogue, but it’s not going to be very difficult I think. Just another item on the 18 million things I seem to be doing right now.
XL this weekend! Stillers shall prevail! I’m gonna eat some hot wings! (Assuming Megan & Jeremy have any. If not, I’ll bring some hotwings!)
All right back to work. Vaya Con Dios, amigos!