Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.


Tis cold here, which only warrants comment because every third day it hits 70 and then plummets back down to 20s. Weather is annoying. Especially when it might potentially snow. Wow, gone are the days when snow was like the magicallest of all happenings. The main annoyance now is just that people are freaking tards and going out to enjoy the snow would just put my life at risk. I still kinda dig it, but I don’t have a gang to play with anymore, and the hills keep getting turned into boulevards and bypasses and greenways. Whatever.
Meanwhile my Christmas tree is still up. I’m pondering just leaving it up until September when me lease is up and I can move out of this GOD FORSAKEN SUCK-HOLE that is my apartment. I like it, but if the bathroom floods again, I’m going to have an aneurysm. I took Friday off to work on my script, and first thing in the morning to toliet cracks, drips, shatters and endup with books in my freezer. And my management landpeople company are apparently remnants of the Third Reich. I have to call them tomorrow and I’m just going to say, “Look talking to you people makes my ears bleed, so lets you know, just not ever do that again, thanks.” I’d totally give my soul away for a good cause, but it seems like these folks just keep taking it sliver by sliver.
As always busy, managing to allocate script time, so it’s moving a long little by little toward something that will hopefully be readable. Yes, probably deluding myself again, but such is existance.
Ugh, to sleep perchance…