Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Caught a break

Made it to the next round of Page International Screenwriting competition with N&D, and subsequently dinked the next cut which isn’t much, but I’ll take validation where I can get it.

In other news, the Ghostbusters video game is just about the greatest thing ever. However my love is slightly mitigated because I’ve got the difficulty cranked all the way up, so invariably Ray and Peter are getting possessed and attacking me, and Egon won’t get out of the damn way when whatever giant monster is rampaging so I keep dying trying to save his ass. Janine runs up the long distance bill and Winston just wants some pizza.

The fact that it’s the 25th anniversary of Ghost Busters is kinda weirding me out.  Both flicks are artifacts of my childhood, near and dear to my heart. I’m willing to bet the Real Ghostbusters cartoon modified my DNA at some point and it definitely put a few wrinkles in my brain. But it’s cool to see Ramis out and about doing a ton of PR for the Blu-ray release (and his new flick of course). Not entirely sure how I’m feeling about the talk of a sequel. There’s much potential for disaster, but George Lucas isn’t involved so I have some hope. What would really be great though is if some smart writers out there would diligently spend time and effort creating a new Ghostbusters-esque comedy, different premise, fresh characters…

Oh hey, some of those script meters are actually moving!