Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Stargates and etc.

dolphinsSo Eli Roth is working on three projects simultaneously, which, including a fantasy past time of beating Nazi with baseball bats, makes two things we have in common. Getting back into the workshop scene has revealed that my tenuous grasp of storytelling has slipped and that my favorite convoluted and apparently genre-obscure project isn’t universally appealing. So two projects go on the back burner and another one comes back for another pass.

Elsewhere, I snagged my second limited edition print from the arg-inspired LOST art project It did not involve dolphins killing the president, but I am expecting some murderous marine mammals once the show returns.

Also, completely unexpectedly, I’m kinda digging Stargate Universe. The first episode was interesting, and it might just scratch the itch BSG left behind when it finished up. Robert Carlyle is playing things slightly detached, which is creating conflict with just about everyone at this point. Here’s hoping it holds up.