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Dem Cutz

The Nerdwriter inspecting one of my very moste favourite anythings in his latest vid warrants some appreciation, capice? Treat yourself and check it out below:

And he brings the Cinemetrics database to my attention, which opens with the quote, “Quantify everything you cannot.” Instantly becomes my new jam, because ‘quantify’ is my safe word. I don’t do much pen and paper now, like 3 times a year tops, but I will say that VLC screencap tool is my best friend. Try stitching together a long tracking shot some time, masking out characters and trying to plot the camera track top-down. Watch that swivel and focus as the frame breathes and deflates. I do not recommend ROPE for this. I mean, it may take you six hours to watch TO HAVE AND TO HAVE NOT but you gonna get a real good feel for dem cutz.

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