Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Digital ac- dammit I need more coffee.

Yes, I’m fickle! All right?! You have no right to indict me for that! I did have some thoughts written for the Blog-o-thon and I had full good intentions of posting it, but time, she laughs at me.  I consider it a great victory that I already got my Nicholl and Austin packets mailed, BEFORE May even! And- AND! I’m outlining the new script, so take your superior timely blog updates and shaddup already. (I’m looking at you Unk and your 5 extensive, helpful posts in 6 days).

Speaking of the Unknown Screenwriter, his info about the Google Notebook is spot on- intuitive and excellent for outlining. Even the collabrative potential is kinda rad. I’m taking notes off the old yellow legal and throwing them into a notebook and it’s not even excrutiating or anything. Oh, Googles, you make my internets more than just comics and pr0n.

Speaking of internets, I got a Live Journal crossposter installed, so the old LJ may not be so comatose- although since the blog in general isn’t always crack and amphetamines, I can’t promise anything.

Meanwhile work has come along and forced me to wrap this up. If you’re bored and looking for something to do join and be my friend!