Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Everybody cut, everybody cut

Location scouting for MERIT BADGES today went pretty well and the trip found some new spots with a lot of potential, so I think we can tally a notch in the ‘Progress’ column. Though it’s more of a stoplight color coding system than just a hash mark tally. But fwiw there’s way more green than red at this point anyway.

While we were in the wilds of Joco, I also had to snag another brake light housing for my car Monty, which is his third now, the dumb Frankenstein. I find the junkyard compelling because there’s troves of knowledge and treasures within those barbed-wire fences, even though I always feel a little awkward when things get too mecha-niacal. But as I told the auto shop guy, I’d rather not to have a car payment again anytime soon. ‘1500 a year in repairs is less than a car payment,’ he threw out, which did make it a bit more palatable and would make learning the basic greasemonkey operations for myself a worthwhile pursuit. I suspect it’d be sensible on balance, given the grotesque sanguinary Taxscam GOP vampires have suckled from the American people. And sure, what I’ve just said isn’t really a fair comparison to other fine bloodsucking deadbeat plutocrats, but I’ll be honest— I am seriously trying to will into existence the pan-dimensional creature and spirit of vengeance from dwarf mythology. So no, I won’t be honest, I’ll just bottle it up to water the rage vine I’m growing.

I also took MB Producer Kieran to the favored BBQ spot, which is a closely guarded secret in this neck of the woods. Hush puppies are basically cupcakes, no joke. If I’m ever Gary Gilmore-style on Death Row put a dozen puppies on the last meal list. (90% of the rest of that list is the Waffle House menu and Cookout Milkshakes)

Speaking of demonic carbohydrates, heavy in the workout rotation: Footloose and The Prodigy. Which may manifest in the pages I should be working on rather than blogging right now. Figured I should share some interweb recommends now just before Net Neutrality’s ignoble death; playlists, youtubes, bread, circuses and the like to enjoy before things get all 1792 in here.

First up: Dr Disrespect

Not a lot of times for vidya right now, but just watching silly buggers like this play is circusbread enough.

But I really do got some pages to write. So for now I’ll just bounce with the promise of more news on the MB production when I have it.

In the meantime, we do have ye olde facebook page up, so give us your thumbs, ✌️!