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Fallaciloquent Belters

Casablanca in Space is my thing now. Long live the Trilby.


I know where this is headed, Miller, you poor sonnuvabitch.


Pairs nicely with new Radiohead.

Post Levianthan Wakes edit. Spoilers ahoy:

Ended about where I was expecting, which didn’t really mitigate that ache under the sternum thing. I did not immediately launch into the second book though, because Holden’s idealist character holds much less fascination than the unhinged Space Sam Spade, Miller. Maybe I’m a sap, falling in with the unreliable narrator, but truth be told, all narrators are unreliable. And soup to nuts, the real frisson in the book for me was watching Holden and Miller bump heads and how Miller processes the big picture, but Holden just stumbles ahead blindly. Call me a maudlin cynic, but I’m gonna miss that. The contrast between the two was gold. I’m certain that relationship is going to echo throughout the rest of the saga (because I can read a damn wiki like a mofo) so I’ll get further down the road the eventually I expect, but all I’m gonna be thinking is ‘What would Miller do?’