Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Five-year constants becoming variables ain't the way to keep me grounded.

LOST, I want to start by saying I do love you, but I think it’s time we step back and look at where this relationship is going. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last few years and it’s not really that you or I have changed, it’s just that I need time…

So, I thought it would take a lot more than another ‘reset button’ episode to shake my faith in my favorite television show, but there is this unsettled feeling left in me after last’s night’s season 4 finale. And the looming reminder that there are scant few episodes left to smooth things over.

LOST has always been about the storytelling and characters for me, and even characters I dislike, specifically Jack and Kate, get some intricate facets and backstory to support and expand upon their often insane, selfish actions and I still enjoy watching even though I don’t particularly like these characters. That’s great writing. It’s also something Cuse & Lindelof took the time to emphacize last night in the recap show, that LOST was very much about the characters and their storytelling priorities were to the beloved 815 core survivors and thus have spent the series crafting a meaningful journey for these people.

But that’s just not what I saw. I saw two completely new characters sandwiched into the third act given a power struggle that has apparently dictated most of the crazy stuff we’ve seen. All this really has done is completely undermind the stories of our central characters, making them pawns in this larger conflict.

And that’s just not sitting very well with me at the moment, because it sort of suggests that our Losties could be any smucks that the gods/deities/gate-keepers/whatever Jacob-&-his-rival-are decided to play out their game of backgammon with.

If only Locke were still around, maybe I’d have some faith. Because that was my very favorite thing, that no matter how many times Locke was manipulated and used, he was a man of faith when no one else was, he’d have bad times but eventually return to center, so I always had faith in him. But apparently people who have faith get completely fucked in this show and I was a sap to think otherwise.

So my faith is shaken, I’m feeling manipulated and if I could ask just one thing it’d be to ask Jacob “Is it really going to be alright?” Because I’m lost, you bastards.