Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

gamestate of the nations

Couple of things for the update-

Adding to the growing consensus that Jack Thompson is a Klan-arific master of coercion and psychosis. As all the violent video games are responsible for all the cops I’ve killed, all the crack cocaine I’ve done, and all the mass murder and general satan worshiping I’ve participated in. Oh yeah, I guess I was too busy playing my violent video games to do any of that stuff.

*Nicolle casts arcane lightening on Jack Thompson for 998 damage.*

Next up is the new obsession, that is, Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe novels. I am consuming them like mad. I want to think the way Archie narrates. It’s pretty much the slickest dialogue ever. Have seen many many episodes of A&E’s show, and recently started reading Lee Goldberg’s scripts of the show, and then ended up downloading a few ebooks, and then it got out of hand with the visits to the used bookshops as most of the novels are now out of print. Plus I like old books. So I am happily filling my brain with the adventures of Archie and Wolfe, they’re just the bees knees. SPOON-BEAN!

A review of the new Wallace and Gromit may be forth coming because it really stirred my appreciation for flawlessly delivered comedy. The whole movie was fundamentals, and just superbly done.

That’s about it, all you baby-mongers out there may welcome Christopher Ryan Boyd, born 10-17-2005. aka Spud, squirt, anything but his actual name. I don’t know the details, other than he’s an impatient little bugger, having been due in December. Kids these days.

Off to supplement my coffee habit. Auf wiedersehen.