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NP: Girls At Our Best! Getting Nowhere Fast

Hey Batter Batter, I’m excited to announce that my most recent film project “LUNGS,” directed by Kieran Moreira and shot by DP Kyle Messina, has earned a well-deserved spotlight. Earlier this spring, we debuted and were recognized as the Best Short Sci-Fi at the Longleaf Film Festival, and now we’re looking forward to screening at two other outstanding NC film festivals, BEYOND: The Cary Film Festival and the Charlotte Film Festival.

Co-produced and written by yours truly, “LUNGS” stars Ilia Jones and Anoop Desai, and immerses audiences in a world grappling with the aftermath of man-made catastrophe. It was a huge effort to get the film shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’m really proud of our final product.

My heartfelt thanks to The Left Door and the Triangle Filmmaking Community screenwriting workshops for their invaluable support and guidance throughout the creative process.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming screenings and come find me if you’re in the vicinity:

  • BEYOND: The Cary Film Festival: 9/21-24, 2023
  • Charlotte Film Festival: 9/27- 10/1, 2023

Would love to chat about the merits and pitfalls of post-apocalyptic baseball. Your support has been instrumental in bringing “LUNGS” to life. Warm regards, nc.