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good girls don't…

Busy. Couple of things I want to note, lots of folks passed away recently including Don Knotts- actor without peer and a stellar career. If you haven’t seen The Incredible Mr. Limpet (Megan, I’m talking to you here) check it out, it’s a great movie. Also of note in my memory is The Apple Dumpling Gang, I don’t remember much of the plot, and I think Ned Beatty was in it, or that guy from ‘8 is Enough’ but it’s forever lodged in my brain.

Gordon Parkes- seminal filmmaker and photo-journalist. If you aren’t familiar with him he wrote and directed The Learning Tree and Shaft.
And the Milosevic. Uhg, what a trade.
Depressing, like NC State throwing away the ACC tourney Friday. Just, so bad. Every year you do this State, why do you do this? Herb Sendeck must be too nice, cause the teams play so awesome early and midseason but like clockwork they shutdown when we get into Feb/March. It defies logic. He needs to rule with terror or something, they gotta figure this out and learn how to play in the late and post-season.
Battlestar season wrapped last night with mind boggling finale. Ronald D. Moore write to screw with me head, I just know it. He must come to the blog here and read my throughts and go- what will make Nicolle’s head explode most? Baltar = President! That works, Ron, now stop. Cloud 9 exploded, man and then we SKIP to a year later. Huge gap throwing me off my feet and then madness. Xiao pointed out that he’d now rebooted the series, which is true, but from the looks he could potentially 86 most of the cast and not bat an eye. I fear. Greatest moment though was Tigh and Starbuck hugging. It was so cute! Now that Sammy is totally dead, and he should be he’s not nearly as dynamic as the main cast, Starbucks going to have all sorts of angst to wallow in while the Cylons build the death-camps. But seriously Ron, leave Rosilin alone. I love her character. And Adama needs to lose the mustache- I was totally ported to the 1970’s. And Gaete can just die.
Something that deserves comment is the Bonds-steroid issue, but it’s almost unspeakable at this point. There’s nothing left. I don’t know when it happened, maybe 1996 but ML Baseball is dead. It’s typical of American evolution, the remnants of the past get corrupted, they wither and they die. The manifestation in baseball is just another symptom of the cancer. God, it sucks.
So I’ll keep my head down and into my teevees and pop culture. *sigh* And speaking of the teevees- going to plug Thick as a brick ( which is a House-comic with a twisted sensibility. Its fun, check out the House-Bingo card.