Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Hello, this is Jim Rockford.

This is downright teh awesome – transcripts of all the opening messages on Jim Rockford’s answering machine. I got into Rockford from my Mom, (who is responsible for much of my pop cultureyness I suspect, although she’ll probably claim different) who watched all the reruns of Rockford.

In point of fact, my mom is probably responsible for me having watched a lot of shows like Rockford and The Fugitive when they were in syndication while I was growing up. Mom is crazy about the mystery stuff. Banacek, Quincy, Magnum PI, and yes Matlock and Murder She Wrote. She’s crazy with the stuff and she is probably directly responsible for my insane love of Nero Wolfe stories. Which is kinda cool, because I wouldn’t have chosen to watch them myself and I ended up with a good appreciation for them.

Although when I say ‘good appreciation’, some friends might translate that into ‘obsessive weirdness’ – such as putting the Rockford Files intro, in full on my College voice mail system. Even though I’m pretty sure no one I knew in college had any idea who Jim Rockford was. Also the whole Perry Mason theme. That one was the best because you had to listen to it for like 2 minutes if you felt like leaving me a message. People got so pissed about that they would just leave cursing. It was pretty awesome. So I left it on there for semester. Good times.