Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

homerun! I mean travelling!

I cop to being a pretty oddball girl. As mentioned at Cory’s New Year’s party this weekend- my top three interests are Comic Books, Movies, and Computers. Which came in pretty handy when playing “Battle of the Sexes” a game Cory’s aunt & uncle, Kim and Jim brought. This game focused on two teams, guys vs. girls, and a series of questions aimed at gaps in knowledge. So guys have to answer girl-type questions and so forth. The game is a little lopsided cause some of the girl questions are the most obscure, antiquated subjects ever. But the whining from the guys, because of this, is entertainment all it’s own. Tip for you fellas next time- don’t bitch about it, you sound like little girls!
Anyway, more of my non-girlness expands to sports. That is I’m really keen on the NFC post season right now. Carolina finished up with 11-5, cinched the playoff spot. Also the Skins man! What an awesome season with two wins over Dallas. Sorry Pooks, that last one was downright ugly. And my Bears too even, 11-5 with the win on Christmas Day. My head may just explode once the postseason gets underway. Screw the AFC this year.
Hockey should be heating up here shortly too, the Canes are still strong this year, but it’s a little early yet to see if they’re going to follow through. Too many seasons they’ve run out of steam.
I’m not completely ungirly though. I did buy clothes and jewlery and shoes with my Birthday money, and I like romantic comedies and… okay videogames, a new set of darts and yes, most girls might not recall from memory that Skynet became sentiant on August 29th 1997 and lauched nukes at America’s enemies setting off armageddon. Can I help it if this stuff just stays stuck in my brain?