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Honest to god, Lost

Blogging is slow, but the important writing is getting done, so it hasn’t been a priority. I am planning on participating in the Screenwriting Blog-o-thon so that will be a longer post as soon as I can narrow down my topic. Today however I want to get back into my thoughts on LOST a little, just because they’re finally getting back to my favorite character, John Locke.

BUT FIRST- I want BWAHAHAHA! Cause ARTZT is coming BACK! Dan Roebuck, the coolest dude around, is getting some more time in 3×14 “Exposé” which looks like a flashback-y type episode. The pic here is snagged from the promotional gallery for the episode over at Lost-Media. I really just am too excited about this, because while the main character arcs, crazy ass sonic fences and polar bears are all good and well, Artzt is the coolest. Now all I need is more Goodwin and I can disregard all the tiny disappointments I’ve had lately.

So last week, Locke seemed a little out of touch but last night with his crazieness her really seemed to take onmore of his usual sense of purpose. What’s really interesting in the character is how he’s evolved- first season he’s mysterious and obscure, definitely the mystery mojo man, but always with a sense of drive about him. He knew something. He was zen. Totally why I fell for the character. As we move on into the second season, layers start being pulled away, Locke is more human, approachable- we see him at his weakest moments. Fear. Doubt. Launching us into the third season, where other than finding out he’s down with ganja, he honestly hasn’t gotten a lot of time. In the odd moments he does show up after the hiatus, he’s alternated between mystic and silly. This has really bugged me, but last week he blows up ANOTHER Dharma station and this week, it takes a serious turn toward the dark side.

Locke is up to something.

Now before Patchy McRussian shuffled off he sort of directly threatened Locke by way of the secret, and Locke went all insulty by expression his love of man’s best friend and scrambling Patchy’s brains. Which was surely innocent enough at the time, but oh yeah “You never know when a little C-4 will come in handy!” John you crazy bastard, you.

And it occurs to me Locke looks an awful like Lex Luthor.