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house thoughts

Comments are going down again for a little while. I’m in the process of setting up some blocks and such as my spam entries have really picked up in the last few days. I shoulda modified this way back when, but I’m lazy.
HOUSE last night- wow, wow, wow! Man I was totally giddy. House was flirting with EVERYONE! NO STACY! And I loved the idea of Foreman being in charge, and they really just turned that one up, it was really great. I almost fainted with Cameron hopped on the bike with House, and that jacket. That jacket is my new favorite thing- even though he’d worn it in other episodes. Now it’s just like, mmmmmmm. Not to mention that stunt he pulled. It was a real ‘How could you?’ moment, but right in the vein of Dr. Greg I think. Very plesantly surprised given my expectations of late. ( tells me that Michael R. Perry wrote the episode and it is apparently the first one he’s written. Perry’s other creds show a lot of American Gothic- which is great, and some Dead Zone, L&O:SVU and the like. Good man, Mr. Perry, here’s hoping you have some more HOUSE on deck.
Speaking of L&O:SVU, which I also caught most of last night, who doesn’t love Det. John Munch? What do we have to do to get him on HOUSE? The great thing about Munch is that the character is not only one of the longest running live action Primetime characters, but he’s been on like six different shows on three different networks- Homicide: Life on the Street, the many incarnations of L&O, The X-Files, and some show in UPN. The neeeeeeed to get Munch on HOUSE. Dear Santa, make it happen.