Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

huffing sharpies and dreams

Before I get to the title, I want to proudly display my badge for participating in the one page 2006 thing on friday. Don’t know if I honestly deserve a badge since it took half a second to screencap and not that much of an effort, but I participated and that’s a good start for anything.

But back to the subject of Warren Beatty- oh wait we weren’t talking about Warren Beatty were we? Well let’s do that for a moment, brought forth today because I watched Bonnie and Clyde this afternoon.  Vaguely as research- which, I’ll have you know, I do not ALWAYS invoke for the reason of watching a movie, but in this case as I’m trying to stir up some inspired new take on the execution of a heist, I’d say it counts a little. Honestly B&C is more about chaos and character than it is at slick, smart execution, so I don’t know how much it helped- but watching awesomeness like Beatty, Dunaway, Gene Hackman and Michael Pollard for any amount of time certainly can’t hurt.

What occured to me as I’m watching though, aside from ‘Damn Warren Beatty is hot!’, is that  I can’t think of any modern equivalent. Sure most modern actors can’t possibly have the same sorts of careers as those of the past, but I always keep George Clooney close to Cary Grant in my head, and there’s all this hubbub about Brad Pitt == Robert Redford, which I can see- but please, God, keep my Newman/Redford flicks safe from remake! But no Warren Beatty springs to mind.

Now the sharpies- via, cute little short called Le Montage has fun with the squeeze-cheese awesome of montage. Nicely shot and edited, it gets in some good fluff punches and worth the watch for the soundtrack alone.

Finally, caught Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep  and enjoyed it. Lots of humor and character and fun animation. Has very dream like story progression and absurdness that quite reminded me of something. I’m not really paying attention to Cinema enough to know where the waves and realisms are right now, but it’s got one hellua review at the I’mDeb.