Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

I should be doing something else.

Okay. Past my bedtime, but I have a few days off here to work on my script. You know, that thing, I do… Yeah well, I decided I’d rather learn how to 3D model instead. Okay, not completely that cut and dry. I did spend the better part of today writing, got about 20 new pages written and realized there’s no way the new draft is going to be done on May 1- so I think I’m going to shoot for a hybrid of the two, that is leave the main heist the same (which when I pulled that out took out 100 pages of guts from the thing). This way I will have something to enter, coz not entering at this point = failure. I’ve been working on this one too damn long. So now energies going into the hybrid plot for the comp, and then I’ll work the summer into getting the new version fixed as a whole.

So I got a lot done today, but I have grabbed Blender 3D and started screwing with that, which is about a million time more successful than when I’ve screwed with 3DSM and Maya in the past. Also my computer didn’t explode, which is nice. I’m going through a wikiBook on the subject just picking stuff up, and I grabbed a few scripts tonight to play with. The result is now my own virtual House (click, he pops!).

Well he’s getting there. I actually just had this people model and Xiao and I were talking, and I was just babbling incoherently about how phenominal Hugh looked in this past week’s episode (2×17), and I mean, come on he looked great! A tux! Poker! I die! So the Model is now going to be House. Mind it’s only a few hours work right now. Hours, days, weeks and months from now I may actually be able to slap some clothing and a grin on him. How am I supposed to concentrate with this possibility?!Anyway, let me know what you think, anything that looks off, etc.