Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

I won the lottery!!!

…and I’m buying everyone a car. Okay, so North Carolina has yet to actually implement the lottery, so I did in fact, not win the lottery. I did however get an extra bag of chips out of the vending machine today- As the little spring was unable to dispense my snack of choice, it overcompensated and spat out two- count them TWO! bags of TGI Friday’s Potato Skins snack chips. It’s always nice when luck, of God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster smiles down on you from above.

I can be one of those crazy superstitious whatsits with very little prompting, most often with sporting events. With televised games if my team does well, I know I have to diligently keep watching so they have my support- it’s like a butterfly effect thing- if I get up for a beer and don’t make it back before the break is over, then Steve Bartman snags the long fly and crushes the Cubs’ chance at a Wolrd Series. Like for instance the NFL playoffs here. Last weekend after a killer Steelers/Colts matchup my attention was sort of lax on the Panthers/Bears game. I like both teams, but as the game started, I began to realize that my love for the underdog was winning out- I wanted to see the Bears win. Not that the Bears went into the game as underdogs, they killed the Panthers during the regular season, but I really felt the outcome of the game was going to be a Panthers win, which it was. So this week, I dutifully watched the Steelers game, and came to the realization that I want the Steelers to win the XL. I want Bettis to have his ring and I want Ben to be the 2nd youngest QB to take it all the way. After Denver goes home crying Sunday, the Panther’s game started up again, and I wasn’t really that interested. I don’t want to root against them in any circumstance, so I guess I kinda was hoping they wouldn’t win and the Steelers could go on to beat the every loving crap out of the Seattle-why-do-we-even-have-a-football-team-anyway?-Seahawks. So I guess I made the Panthers lose Sunday. Sorry guys, we’ll get them next year.

Speaking of luck, saw Woody Allen’s Matchpoint this weekend and enjoyed it. It really came across as two different movies though, the second of which, was a Woody Allen film, the first of which was not. The 2nd act was a little long for what it accomplished and established, and I didn’t really like the characters enough. So on the whole nothing really stood out other than the detachment of everything, but I like some of the ideas (and existentialism) woven throughout, especially the luck angle and how it relates to life. Or say, a career choice… because everything is subjective.

Now for a non-relevant baby picture of me.

NC Jones as a dwarf.