Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

it's dark… and cold

Updating from the car. For those uniformed, I’m signed up for this holidailies thing which means I will make an attempt to blog everyday, a substantial amount, that isn’t just a sentence or two. Tonight’s thesis will be a brief examination of what will be the first of many car-entries.
I, like a lot of people, am poor. Being poor, and also fond of nice things means I have to finagle my finances to whim, if say I decide I NEED the Dead Like Me Season 2 box set- (which, if you’re curious makes a GREAT Present for your local Nic-spaz). Anyway I got my digital cable turned off a few weeks back, and that included the high speed internet. This is something I really take for granted, but the change up has gotten me into some other habits which are kinda productive so I haven’t been in a big rush to get things turned back on. Part lazy, part monies, whatever. I still retain most of my sanity.
One of the things that no-Internet has got me doing is war-walking/driving to piggy back a wireless connection whenever I want to check my mail at home, etc. This is fine and dandy when it’s warm- but ass-pain when it’s 28 degrees outside. Sometimes I hit th coffee shop, sometimes the library, but the Library is under construction now, and I’d made coffee at home tonight. So I’m in my car, running the heat, stealing some internet from neighbors right now to get my blog on. See the dedication? SEE IT? I got my black watchcap, fingerless gloves and bedrooms slippers on. I’m sitting in my car, in the dark, with my labtop.
In other news, and on a completely unrelated subject I’ve decided to campaign to have Raleigh join the metropolitian areas that are pushing for free-wireless for all. Like Austin (, Philly (, San Fran ( and some other places, I think all of Raleigh should join the cutting edge in this newest tech-trend. Next time I see the mayor, you better bet I’m soliciting this idea to him.