Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

It’s officially, officially dead now. For reals.

So. In case YOU didn’t know, Postmodernism’s long and never-ending demise has apparently concluded according to some comprehensive retrospective and some hack who uses Microsoft Word extension as a last name. Never mind the  other writers, critics and shmucks who’ve already harped on this before, it’s for reals this time. I guess this means architects are going to be moving toward a mix of log cabins and soviet era functional spaces. No more commodifying individual consumerism.

I’m also going to take that to mean that from this point on, no further prequels, sequels, reboots or remakes can possibly be justified as ‘art’ in the Hollywood system. If you produce, market or push this shit I’m gonna lump you in with souless Nazi modernism… oh wait, I already do that.

For serious though, postmodernism is a self-replicating indestructible organism. It will infect everything, it will cannibalize and consume all. It will never die.