Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

jail, avocado butter and brains

My life continues to emulate really bad television, but I persist. I wonder if I don’t just sabotage myself sometimes and when I eventually end up in jail for something inane, I end up spinning it as research for my crimey writings. Delusion- it’s a good thing!

In the Wolfe book I’m reading right now Archie eats griddlecakes with avocado butter- and despite the fact that I concede Fritz is a genius, it sounds like pancakes with guacamole… But Fritz is awesome and someday if presented with the opportunity I will not balk at griddlecakes with avocado butter. Man I wish I had a Fritz.

Read an absorbing essay on institutionalized education in America entitled “The Seven Lessons of a Schoolteacher” by John Taylor Gatto which is making the blog rounds. It hits a lot of abstract thoughts I’ve had in the past about the process of growing up that kids face today, that I went through, that may not be an improvement on the process that generations past have- rural, urban, whatever. Not everyone used to go to college, and they weren’t complete morons, right? Now people do go to college and are complete morons, so obviously something is off. Not that I have any solutions, and not that the essay lays any specifics out, but some quite interesting food for thought.