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LOST in Thought 10.26.06

Just to get a little organized, I’m going to tag all my LOST theory/recap/episode posts with this new title “LOST in Thought”, so spoilers ho! One of the reasons I like the show is that it engages my puzzle lobe, and I always end up with something new after an episode. For those completely not into LOST, and visiting my blog for some other reason, you can disregard these or just go jump on the bandwagon like everyone else.

So, 3×04 – “Every Man for Himself”: Another good episode for speculation, and old Sawyer’s never hard on the eyes, so enjoyable all around. I like to keep in mind that the series is supposed to only run about 5 seasons, so now in season 3 we should be getting to midpoint, and the question spawning reveals should be tapering off for question answering reveals- possibly disguised as just more questions. That’s what I would do anyway.

I have to say, I think that Sawyer is one of the characters we know the most about, even though everything with him may just be a big long con. The addition of Clementine only really punches up his angst, but it’s not really surprising for me. Neither was the schtick that got him out of jail. Sawyer’s motivation and philosophy are an open book and I think the Others regard him pretty much the same way. Benry effectively manages him with a little theater and effort, and while Sawyer ain’t happy about it, I think he’s resigned for the time being. As a hard case, he’ll bounce back, probably in heroic fashion. What he needs to stop doing is throwing out the literary and pop culture references- every single sentence! It’s out of control. At some point he’s going to jump from Steinbeck to Jane Austen and my head is going to explode!

Kate does a poor job of trying to cover up what she says to Pickett during the beatdown, simply because I don’t know how anyone would have figured her saying ‘yes’ would be the answer that made Pickett back down. Sure she may not have known Colleen was dead, but the scene played like “You took something I loved, so payback, biatch!” Kate, you too are completely transparent.

Speaking of Chinatown, er, Pickett- I feel bad for the guy. Maybe I just have a wicked sense of empahty, but I am totally down with the Others! Out on the Interwebs there is an insane amount of hate going on for Benry and his crew. Which honestly surprises me, because I figure fans of Lost should know better than to take anything at face value. Facts people- on the Island(s) first, have not actually killed any person/bunny despite ample opportunity, and very fond of khaki! How could the possibly be pure evil? I feel confident there’s a big reveal coming that’s going to completely redefine them and everyone else can just go soak their heads.

The continued business with Desmond’s psychic hotline was really a footnote in the episode, but I’m still sold on the ‘missing-time’/time-travel theory. Also that lime golf guy is an ass. I dislike Paulo and Nikki more than anything and I hope the Polar bear eats them.

The big nugget of awesome for the episode, for me personally was the 40-yr old male spinal X-ray tumor, which everyone seems to want to attribute to Benjamin or the others. I guess because they just really want bad things to happen to them. But I’m not buying it. First off, if they don’t have working defibrillators, is it realistic that they have a working X-ray machine and a Tech who could produce a readable X-ray, and possibly the ability to do Myelograms? (Which I’m just throwing in, because I can’t read this X-ray for shit, but it’s possible there’s dye there, you don’t know either, so shut up!) Obviously they may have Book Club and muffins, but I’m not sold on the Benry-X-ray. Let’s look at the scans in question:

Though they never show up really clearly other than what appears to be the ‘right-marker’ which actually looks more like a fricking sticker than anything else. Some X-ray markers come with intials on them to indicate who the tech was, but we aren’t so lucky here. The circles and dots seem to be of the type of marker that indicate the direction of gravity with ball bearings– such as if the patient is reclining, WHICH YOU WOULD DO, IF YOU WERE PARALYZED!

Ahem, so it looks like this one clear image we have shows a right side, lower back X-ray of a prone patient. Up next let’s examine what Jack’s assesment is:

“Who’s x-rays are those? Outside? Those are spinal x-rays and they belong to a man about 40 years old and whoever he is he has a very large tumor on his L-4 vertebrae and I just happen to be a spinal surgeon. So you tell me, Juliet, who am I here to save?”

L-4, by the way, would have function control of the Thigh flexion, Thigh adduction, Extension of leg at the knee (quadriceps femoris), Flexion of leg at the knee (hamstrings), Dorsiflexion of foot (tibialis anterior), and Extension of toes. Suck it!

Now Jacky- you crazy obsessed bastard, you- are we really going to jump on the idea that the Others crashed your plane SPECIFICALLY to operate on someone? Surgeons and their egos, I tell you. If anyone catches that blame, it’s Desmond, who runs around in the jungle like a nekkid Jesus. If the Others can’t get a working defibrillator, I’m thinking they didn’t manufacture the circumstances that gets everyone else on the plane- which ties in nicely with the idea that there’s some greater reason everyone’s on the Island- Others included. Even if it’s a happy accident Jack’s arrived in time to bust out the miracle, I think they’d rather just bite the bullet and go with the Dharma HMO.

What we do know is that the Others have access to the outside world seemingly, and getting a copy of someone’s X-rays is a little more plausible in my twisted logic. Also because Locke is the only person with established spinal problems and he was conspicously absent the entire episode. Right now I’d take 10-1 it’s Locke’s X-ray and 50-1 it’s Benry’s. 2-1 that we’ll get another hint before we learn the truth, so I’m completely willing to revise.

Overall I think what’s going on is a very subtle bit of misdirection- with the Others in the greater scheme- Benry cops to being a bigger Con than Sawyer, but here specifically- John is kinda obvious, but out of the context. Don’t dismiss the idea so quick. But then I’m partial on interpreting everything with regards to Locke being the most interesting, pivotal character, because he is.

EDIT: Rewatching the promo for next week, I see that I missed Jack talking to Benry about the tumor- there’s a little editing going on- but it looks like Jack is directly telling Ben that his tumor is going to kill him.

Still maintain that X-rays aren’t simple procedures, and Locke’s is listed as 48 years old from the birth certificate back in season 1. Part of the reason I like the tumor on Locke is that you’re expecting his paralysis to be related to the DEA-Drug Commune showdown, a gunshot, the Mobsters his father stole money from, or some complication of his kidney surgery, and a tumor is totally left field. As poor John does not have the best luck, it stays with that idea too.